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  1. I’m bummed I keep getting on here to ask for help with seemingly easy tasks lol, however the easy things are the ones I seem to have the most trouble with. All I wanna do is subtract the rope shape from the text underneath, so it’s like a cutout of the shape from the letters. I tried converting the text to curves and it wouldn’t let me use the subtract tool after that. Untitled.afdesign
  2. I think I already did expand the stroke to create the accurate outline of the shape in the first place though /:
  3. All I want to accomplish is have the “outline” of the horse shape be transparent rather than white. I’d like to use the design on Cricut (I’ve been able to cheat and erase extra white so far) and on business cards and platforms with colored backgrounds so the white is not ideal. I’m trying to subtract is from the back shape and am having a hard time. Help? I have a screen recording and file copy attached 😬 IMG_0180.MP4 pdr logo.afdesign
  4. I definitely did deliberately set the horse shape to winding because sometimes the way the shapes come together on alternate makes them transparent when I don’t want them to be 🤔
  5. It is weird, I went through one whole similar project with it inconsistently behaving this way, but now it’s really getting in the way. Any tips to get their attention? 😕
  6. Perfect, here ya go, halp please 🥺 subtract_tool_example.afdesign
  7. Here’s another useful screen recording. You can see the object I’m trying to subtract is *one* object yet when I subtract it only subtracts some of it and fill remains on the rest? I’m so confused IMG_0036.MP4
  8. Hoping this bumps my post, I’m still having trouble w this project
  9. Hi! I’m trying to create flat illustrations and basically use the pen and Boolean tools the most. The subtract tool works intermittently.. it’ll work fine for some objects I try to subtract from the main bottom layer, and then sometimes the object still remains as part of the whole and retains the fill. After messing around with going back and forth in the history, starting the same object I want to subtract over, quitting the software is case of glitching, etc., I’ve gotten it to work again but I haven’t figured out how, and I keep running into the issue and randomly try things until one works. I haven’t found out if I cause the issue or not, and what really fixes it. Edit; vid attached! Ty for your help! IMG_0031.MP4
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