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  1. I've understood part of the problem ... support for right-click via the Control key modifier is flakey at best, whether using a mouse or a pen. For example, control-clicking a mask on a layer (sub-layer) activates both the master layer (image) AND the mask and I get a pop-up menu that is applicable to the layer itself. Right clicking the mask, brings up a different menu and does NOT activate the image layer. I would call this a bug. No wonder I'm having a hard time understanding what's going on. :huh:
  2. Hi MEB, I'm not seeing anything like that. Maybe I'm misunderstanding?
  3. Wondering what the support is for Wacom tablets in Affinity Photo? I don't seem to be getting normal behaviour.
  4. I'm trying to find my way with Affinity Photo and struggling a bit. The thing I need to understand first is the masking. I've watched the videos, but don't seem to having a lot of luck with refining my mask. I made this with the Selection Brush and that's okay, but when I look closely at what it has produced, I find it needs cleaning up ... the dark edge which was covered by the marching ants when masking. I've selected the mask in the layers palette, then 'Refine Mask' from the Control-Click drop-down menu. Then according to the help at the bottom of the screen, tried to remove the dark areas, but when I brush, nothing happens ... or ... it isn't selecting a colour/tone to remove, instead, it's just removing everything. What is the best way to proceed from here?
  5. Thanks Callum. So how do I export a file with an alpha channel?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to understand Affinity photo and having something of a hard time. I have a tiff file that I've worked on and have made a brush mask using the Selection Brush. How can I export this as a tiff and include the brush mask as an alpha channel?
  7. Thanks MEB. When I try to do this, I'm not getting my brush mask copied, only the 'rectangular' mask that is part of the inserted image layer. How do I copy a brushed mask from one layer to another?
  8. Thanks MEB! Isn't there a way to simply drag a mask from one layer to another?
  9. In Affinity Photo, how do I copy a mask (made with brushes or pen tool) to another layer? For example, if I use the brush tools to isolate an area of an image, I have presumably created a brush mask. How do I copy that brush mask onto, for example, an adjustment layer and once I've done that, how do I invert the mask (from mask to stencil or visa-versa)?
  10. Title says it all really. Short discussion here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/9484-reset-image-dimensions-ratio/&p=40110 It would be useful to have a checkbox, perhaps at the foot of the layers palette, or at the top-left, next to an image's dimensions, which would reset an image to its original aspect ratio, or maintain it. There is already the 'lock' dimensions icon at the bottom of the layers palette, perhaps it could be an adjunct to this?
  11. Hmmm I've just tried to repeat what I did and can't get it to work again. So perhaps I fluked something as either a coincidence or a fortunate bug. :) In that case, might I put in a feature request that 'original aspect ratio' be an option? (FWIW, the easiest way I've found to get back to the original dimensions, is to set the dimensions to the pixel dimensions displayed at the top-left of the window, or a fraction thereof, then to ensure that they are 'locked' together at the bottom of the layers palette)
  12. OK, I can answer my own question ... but with a proviso that the 'help' is updated (both the help menu help (huh?)) and perhaps more importantly, the 'dynamic' help at the bottom left of the screen ... which, when an image is selected, states : However ... using the option key also 'snaps' the image to it's original dimensions! (Perhaps I just don't understand the 'snapping' term?)
  13. This is doubtless so simple, I'm missing the obvious. If I alter the aspect ratio of an imported image (Designer) how do I revert the image to its original aspect ratio? (I realise I can just delete and re-import, but that would be a bit silly really).
  14. Oooh ... excited and amused by the timing. I've spent a few hours investigating Apple's new Photos app and as a long time Aperture user, I've realised that this isn't going to cut-it for a long time and probably never. Could it be that Affinity Photos is going save me from Adobe's evil clutches? :) I hope so. (Wanting but somehow not expecting raw-file-management to be a part of Affinity Photos :unsure: )
  15. Thanks MEB. Yes, really I just wanted a simple clipping mask. I'd happily do as you suggest, if only I could find out how to apply a fill to a rectangle selected in the layers panel. No doubt too obvious for the Help. :mellow:
  16. Hmmm. Perhaps this is because it's a PNG with an alpha channel? Anyway ... when I apply the rectangle as a mask, the entire image is masked (no longer visible) instead of just the area of the rectangle. Bug report? testMask.afdesign
  17. Hi, I'm trying to mask an image to a specific rectangular area, so that everything outside the rectangle is hidden. I've tried drawing a rectangle and in the layers panel, dragging it onto the image's icon. This masks the entire image which is no longer visible at all. I believe I'm using a vector mask. How do I do this?
  18. I can't tell you how pleased I am to see a company like yours producing pro apps in the imaging space (and on the right platform!) It's been too long and Adobe's crown is fit for toppling. All these new tools that Apple appear to be producing to aid in this are contributing to give us exciting times again. (For what it's worth, I still use an ancient piece of imaging software (Live Picture, also Mac only) which went out of production about 16 years ago (through poor management) and which incredibly has never been matched in several ways. I have to admit that I'm intrigued by the idea that Affinity may in some ways make a marriage of vectors and photo-editing in a similar, resolution independant way (NB, I'm not talking non-destructive, which is something else although related). Onward! :)
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