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  1. OK,  I can answer my own question ... but with a proviso that the 'help' is updated (both the help menu help (huh?)) and perhaps more importantly, the 'dynamic' help at the bottom left of the screen ... which, when an image is selected, states :




    However ... using the option key also 'snaps' the image to it's original dimensions!


    (Perhaps I just don't understand the 'snapping' term?)

  2. Oooh ... excited and amused by the timing.


    I've spent a few hours investigating Apple's new Photos app and as a long time Aperture user, I've realised that this isn't going to cut-it for a long time and probably never.


    Could it be that Affinity Photos is going save me from Adobe's evil clutches? :) I hope so.


    (Wanting but somehow not expecting raw-file-management to be a part of Affinity Photos :unsure: )

  3. I can't tell you how pleased I am to see a company like yours producing pro apps in the imaging space (and on the right platform!)  It's been too long and Adobe's crown is fit for toppling.  All these new tools that Apple appear to be producing to aid in this are contributing to give us exciting times again.


    (For what it's worth, I still use an ancient piece of imaging software (Live Picture, also Mac only) which went out of production about 16 years ago (through poor management) and which incredibly has never been matched in several ways.  I have to admit that I'm intrigued by the idea that Affinity may in some ways make a marriage of vectors and photo-editing in a similar, resolution independant way (NB, I'm not talking non-destructive, which is something else although related).


    Onward!  :)

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