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  1. Hi Affinity Community, .ai file support would be absolutely amazing. I know it is a proprietary format, but if there is any chance that this would ever happen, then it would open so many more doors to collaboration, at least for me, and all the different people that I work with :-) That's all. Cheers, Richard Nash Los Angeles, CA
  2. Hi Affinity Community, I would like the ability to horizontally and vertically center text inside a text box. Keep in mind that horizontal centering is not the same as justification, which affects the text itself. I want to align the text to the center of a text box, regardless of the justification of the text. This kind of thing personally drives me nuts, and Sketch, and even Apples apps, like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, etc... allow for this to be done. Another little feature that exists in Sketch is the ability to auto-resize a text box to it's own text, which is just fantastic. I spend so much time fiddling with reshaping text boxes in Affinity Designer it is starting to drive me nuts, and these little features would go a long way in fixing these issues for me. Anyway, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me :-) Cheers, Richard Nash Los Angeles, CA
  3. disappointed this did not land in 1.5, which means that we won't be seeing it anytime soon, i gather... could you please also update the roadmap? Symbols is still on there, but that landed in 1.5 :-) Thanks! :)
  4. Hi Everybody, Symbols are great so far, but is there any way to share symbols between multiple documents? Is that what the assets panel is for? Thanks! R
  5. Due 1.5 and the awesome symbols feature, I would like to open up some sketch files in AD. Is this possible now, and of not, or there plans to support this in the future? Thank you, R
  6. Just curious if anybody has made any AD Asset Libraries yet...for free or for money... 1.5 comes with an 1OS 10 Asset Library, just wondering if there is an Android one, or macOS, or Windows 10, or whatever... Cheers, R
  7. I went into the document setup to change the colorspace from rub to cmyk but i'm getting the pinwheel of death...is that ok? The application is basically freezing up on me, which sucks, cuz i need the colorspace changed for printing...today...
  8. Maybe I'm missing something obvious but i cannot figure out how to change the direction of a liner gradient inside a stroke. I have a shape with a fill and a stroke and i want both the fill and stroke to have the same gradient going in the same direction...i can change the direction of the gradient in the fill with the gradient tool, but it does not seem that i can change the direction of the gradient in the stroke as well... Please advise, and thanks :-) Richard Nash Los Angeles, CA
  9. i think i figured out how to make it work...when i made a rectangle and used that as a mask it did not work, but when i made a new layer, then put a rectangle on it, THEN used it as a mask, it worked...go figure...
  10. I have a folder, or group, of a bunch of stuff in Affinity Designer, and I want to mask the whole thing in a rectangle...it seems easy to mask one layer with another, but when i try to mask a group with a layer things seem to get...funky...dunno how to describe it...this is pretty easy to do in Sketch, but seems to behave strangely in AD... Please help :blink: thank you :)
  11. hmmmm...i think i asked this incorrectly then...i don't want to create a path, but actually create a shape with a curvy side and have the gradient shoot outwards from the curvy side in the same shape as the curvy side...i don't really know how to explain this better... like....i want to make a rectangle, but one of the sides of the rectangle would be ark-ed, either convex, or concave, then i want to apply a linear style gradient to the rectangle, but the gradient would alter it's shape to follow the curve of the ark-ed side, rather than just be linear... I hope that makes sense a little bit better...
  12. End of the year meaning, like, september-ish, or end of the year meaning, like january next year?
  13. There are radial, linear, elliptical and conical gradient types, but is it possible to create a subtle curved path and have the gradient follow that shape? That would be just awesome if that exists :-)
  14. Please see the attached pic ... notice how the layers and groups are different colors? this is very distracting and hard to follow, because it looks like every other layer thingy is highlighted. Is there a way to make them all the same shade of darker grey? This is driving me nuts! Also, when i command click on something in the workspace i would love it if the layers panel jumped to that things as well...is that possible also? Thank you :-)
  15. I meant "hit the mask button in the layers panel" but i understand what you mean...coming from the photoshop world over here... :)
  16. I don't know how to really phrase the question, but the problem is that when i add guidelines to some artboards, their position seems to be based on the other artboards on the workspace, and not the artboard itself. For example, adding guidelines to the first artboard the numbers are based on that artboard. But if i add an artboard to the right of the first one, then the guides for that artboard seem to be based on the first artboard to the left. This means that if i have two letter sized artboards and i want to add a center guide to both, then the first one will be set at 4.25, but the second one will be set to like 14.25 or something like that, but not 4.25, as it should be... ...apologies for the clumsy way to ask the question, but i'm not sure how to put it. Thanks for your help :-)
  17. I made a vector shape, tuned it into a mask and put a picture behind it. I now want to move, scale, etc... the picture underneath the mask, but there does not seem to be a way to do it...so how do i do that?
  18. I want to be able to create one shape that spans more than one artboard. Is this possible in AFD? Thank you :-)
  19. We totally need paragraph styles, so we can make some text styles and populate our designs with them... Thanks! XD R
  20. I want to be able to assign a color to many different "things" in Designer, then when I change that one color every other instance of that color changes as well...I suppose this might be considered text styles, paragraph styles or symbols in other apps, but....yeah...want this... :-) R
  21. It would be super great if a HEX value field was INSIDE the color wheel view, instead of on in the HEX RGB Slider panel. Thanks!!!
  22. 3 feature requests for symbols: The ability to nest symbols within symbols (simply MUST happen) This will allow the user to create composable elements that can be nested inside each other, so any change that is made to a small symbol can only happen to that symbol, and that symbol can be re-used a other, larger symbols. This is an incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful idea that can allow users the ability to minimize manual work and maximize productivity and creativity. This is an important feature that Sketch does not currently support. The ability to unlink certain attributes inside individual instances of a symbol (same shape, but colors, sizes, visibility, per instance can vary) Let's say the user wants a button to be used twice, but wants the color of each instance of that button to be different. If the user has the ability to link or unlink individual styles, then this would be possible. Another good example is size. Let's say I make a widget Icon and I want to use that across the mobile, tablet and desktop versions of an app design. I don't want to have to remake the icon at different sizes. I just want to use the same icon, but scale it to the appropriate size for the app design in question. Best way to implement request 2 would be to have a styles list for each instance with a green link next to each shared style. If the user clicks the green link, it turns into a red broken link, then that particular style can be changed in that particular instance, without affecting the other instances of that symbol.This is an important feature that Sketch does not currently support. The ability to change the master instance of a symbol in a project (because that sort of thing may change over time ). Sometimes I want to work on a symbol in one context and then have all other instances updated. But sometimes I want to work in a different context and have all other instances updated. As a side note, this forum rich text editor dos not seem to allow for line spacing or before and after paragraph spacing, or even tabs...so the lack of those things makes it difficult to edit posts and make them readable... Anyway, thanks for listening, Richard Nash Los Angeles, CA
  23. I support this feature as well. It takes time to get comfortable with AD, and when I person is working with other people on the same project that only know illustrator it is best to be able to move the file back and fourth freely between the two programs with as few issues as possible. If new users cannot integrate with their existing workflow then they will be less likely to want to try out AD, much less switch to AD full time.
  24. When will dartboards be supported in AD? I assume that art boards / pages / what ever you want to call them will also be added to AP and the other AP as well in the future...
  25. I like the new icons, although the concept of the designer and publisher icons is unclear. The photos app Icon is obviously an aperture, so that one works well. Maybe a combination of shapes for the designer Icon and some books for the publisher icon would be a little bit more clear in intention. But I do like the overall look, although the old Icons were not bad, just different.
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