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  1. I tried out, but it didnt work. This is the monitor screen: The left the basic settings. The right: the coverage map all the way down. In the screen its looking good, no thin line. But i printed out, and... the to objects exactly the same So i think, this clipping method not usable right now, maybe in the future the developers can solve this issues I hope.
  2. Thanks Sean P I tried out and it helps in the monitor, but I will test in prints too. If this method help, can I make this settings default in a document? Or i need to change all the layers, where i use sublayers?
  3. Hi! I have a big problem with vector clipping. I made a lot of graphics with this vector clipping method. This example, there is a fox tale. The tale is orange and i insert a white end. The white area is much more bigger, but there is a little border. You can see the first image. I read there is a solution to disappear this line, in the preferences/performance/use precise clipping. But the problem is: the lines disapper on the monitor, but when i print the file the lines are there. This ghost lines are on the print. Everywhere. So is there some solutions when i use vector clipping, or i must find some other way? Thanks, Tom
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