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  1. Hi, I m about to build a workstation. My main use will be photo batch processing. Will affinity Photo take advantage of Ryzen 3000 multi core and L3 cache aka Gamecache ? Right now I use a i7 6700K with 4 cores 8 threads, SATA SSD, 32 RAM @ 3200c16. hen I batch process photos I see affinity photo opening 8 photos at the same time, starting to apply 8 process... then it slow downs a bit but still try to open 8 photos at a time.... 1. I m assuming 1 thread = 1 photo ? Ryzen 3000 goes like this : 3600 / 3600x = 6 cores 12 threads with 34 Mb of L3 cache 3700x / 3800x = 8 cores 16 threads with 35 Mb of L3 cache 3900x = 12 cores 24 threads with 70Mb of L3 cache 3950x = 16 cores 32 threads. with 70Mb of L3 cache (not sure about this one) I will go with an NVME SSD, 32 RAM with low latency... but unsure about the CPU : 2. So should I assume I will get this results ? 3600 / 3600x = 12 photos processing at the same time 3700x / 3800x = 16 photos processing at the same time 3900x = 24 photos processing at the same time 3950x = 32 photos processing at the same time -I would like a confirmation that parallel batch processing scale with the cores. 3. Will more L3 cache with the 3900x or 3950x speed up the process ? 4. I would LOVE to have benchmark on this. Is Serif going to get some Ryzen 3000 when it's out the 7/7/2019 ? 5. As for GPU I will go with the Nvidia Super serie. I have no idea if affinity on windows work faster with nvidia or AMD ? Since the OsX version is working on intel and AMD.... so far it's responsive with my GTX... So I guess it will be no problem ? Regards
  2. just to let you know I tried the 3700X I get 16 threads : 16 photos at the same time. Impressive ! cannot wait for 128 threads machines
  3. I have a classic SSD 500Mb/s Your 2700 is batching 16 images at the same time ? It's 8 core/16 threads ? Pretty cool Never thought about the scratch disk. Do we have feature request ? I'll go for an NVME for OS/Apps Just to boost affinity batching processes. But yes being able to just select a scratch disk will be easier (and cheaper).
  4. As the title says I would like to be able to Export Publisher work to a Responsive HTML format. Speaking of.... maybe its possible with Photo or Designer ? Could not find it.
  5. Hi, I really like the develop persona. Since an affinity "lightroom/capture One" killer do not exist : I would like to be able to use it on several RAW files at the same time like what you can do with camera raw. That way I could process thousands of pictures. Also I would like to be able to use macro to record the develop persona (it will open up so much possiblities) or used previously saved develop persona settings. --- Not being able to develop large collections of photo make me use third party software before I can rely on affinity Photo macros to process my work.
  6. Thank you for your answers. As I need this feature for production and "prices" informations are critical I will wait for a proper release. I will follow the thread. At the same time I sent example on affinity facebook page so hopefully they can understand it better. Going to read affinity infos right away !
  7. Hi I make commercial brochures. Its very usual to have different versions of the same brochures. All the informations stay the same and only a few things change : languages, prices Indesign process : -I make my pages using a Layer 0 with things that are displayed on every versions of my document. -I add language 1 on a layer 1, language 2 on layer 2 ect.... and If course I can mix tings : like 3 different languages, 3 different prices and, 2 collections of photos. So if I need a specific version of my document, I check layer 0 and layer 1 = get version 1 I check layer 0 and layer 2 = get version 2 ---- The way layers work in publisher is like photo or designer. It works BUT if I want to "activate" a version I have to turn ON or OFF layers on EVERY pages.... thats a lot of work plus its prone to errors (I may miss something). I understand that layers in publisher and in indesign are not the same thing at all. indesign is global and publisher much more like a affinity photo layer on a page basis. --- So I would like to request a "global" layer (or what ever way to do it) that can affect every pages of the document. --- Feel free to ask questions if you need to.
  8. Hi, I'm an indesign veteran. Ready to make the jump to publisher but there is one thing I don't know how to do: I have one document that changes every 6 months. So basically its the same document and only a few items change (texts + pictures + prices). Here is how I do it in indesign to minimize the errors. Get several layers with my basics "hard" informations that will never change. Get a layer on top with informations for my version 1 Get a layer on top with informations for my version 2 If I need to display version 1 I activate my hard layers + version 1 (version 2 is OFF) If I need to display version 2 I activate my hard layers + version 2 (version 1 is OFF) When I activate a "layer" in indesign, informations will change on all pages at the same time. --- How would you replicate this behavior in Publisher ? I understand that layers in publisher very much work like into af photo, in indesign its less precise BUT make it possible to change several pages in one click. I hope someone has an idea :)
  9. Hi, I talked about it during beta. I would like affinity photo to have a image / "apply image" similar to photoshop. Being able to apply a channel to a layer while changing it's blending mode. I use this to : color correct getting much better color (natural look), its different than vibrance. much better. better black and white My whole portfolio have extensive use of this feature : No other feature can create such colors : http://anstellos.deviantart.com/gallery/ ps: I try hard to get the similar result in affinity. It yet cannot do it. I find myself to go back to photoshop for this feature only. That's a shame, your soft almost tick all the boxes but this is a big one.
  10. This is a good news. Do you know the raodmap for this fix ?
  11. I had the exact same problem during beta. Devs said they found the problem but it's still there even after update. DNG are dark when opening with Affinity Photo 1.3.5 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29346596/DNG%20pb.jpg original file : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29346596/DSC_0772.dng This is a critical problem. I cannot use AF Photo like that.
  12. Hi, I'm a long time photoshop user, I try to get rid of it... I tried to do some heavy edit and find myself stucked a few times: 1. After I select pixels I want to fill all of them with the foreground or the background color: how do you do that? Is there a shortcut? 2. How to quickly swap foreground and background color? A shortcut somewhere? 3. Is there a way to "apply" a channel to a layer ? Without that I guess I will stay on photoshop :( 4. How do you quickly change brush size ? Or change the shortcuts ?
  13. No answer from Serif ? it's ok if its not on top of your list but please add that on your roadmap.
  14. I'm working with this tool for years. I'm not yet convinced that it's a different version (I might be wrong). I'm part of a photoshop official club we were invited at Adobe headquarters and had a short explanation about how it works. They said it's based on photoshop "operator" (just under apply image) witch is adding/ substracting values. The same ways "blending" is working in fact all the colors tools are based on simple "operations" I know that for sure because I had once a demo of photoshop 1 (the very first version) and I was able to do the exact same apply image result with photoshop "operator" only. I guess we are stucked yet, some dev at Serif must have a close look. I really believe they can recreate the tool, they made Frequency sepraration tool, it's based on apply image technology. Affinity photo is young, room for improvement. :) I appreciate your help Coranda. Have a nice week-end.
  15. Thank you for your help Coranda. I guess we cannot do it yet. Is there a way we could send our discoveries to someone at Serif?
  16. Anstellos

    apply image missing

    I'm on the same boat. It's an expert tool. but it's a MUST HAVE. if it's not included I guess I will have to go back to photoshop. There is no substitute for apply image. I hope they do something because at the moment I cannot do an edit 100% in affinity :(
  17. I love the frequency separation into affinity photo. One of my favorite tool ! it's so much easier to do. Good job. But apply image is far from just freq separation, like Jim said, it can do a lot of work for color correction, color enhancement even re-building light ! When you work in LAB you use it all the time. Plus you may do freq separation "manually" to get a different result. Always nice to have a few options :) I will not use channels or curves to do that, it's way slower and less accurate. On a workflow point of view it's a no go. I like affinity photo. I bought it day one. I find myself having to go back to photoshop every time I need "APPLY IMAGE". It's a shame because I think Affinity is more modern as a workflow. I just need this feature on every color work. I work with printing companies and color experts everyday. If this feature is not in, I don't see myself telling people to get it. I wish that Serif will take this feature seriously. It may be an advanced feature that not everyone use, but professionals do. Affinity Photo wants to get the professional market right ?
  18. Anstellos

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I'm Anstellos, artist and photographer since 1999. I have been using adobe products for 20 years now. I'm giving photo and photo editing training to hobbists and pros. I don't know Kung-Fu but I can say "I know photoshop" :) I won some awards, a part of my work is there: http://anstellos.deviantart.com/gallery/ I'm specialized into color accuracy, color correction and automation. I do some heavy edit too, it's just fun. Always curious about new way to get the job done faster. I'm happy to see a new challenger. I'm also working into the food industry, looking forward to see an "indesign killer" to do prints faster too :) Count on me to test that. Long time mac user I like also windows and linux machines, whatever makes the job done! So far I like the reactivity of the team on the forums and twitter. Keep it that way. I wish Serif and the affinity teams success. For what I have seen so far, it's great. I can see how much work they put into it.
  19. it may be old but you have no idea how fast and effective it is. I tried for many years to mimic the result with other tools, you just cannot. Trust me I tried. Even asked the photoshop team directly. But yes Affinity is much more modern so if there is a better way to do it I m ready to learn :)
  20. Thank you MEB, 1) I figured out the problem: F5 was set inside mission control. Turned it off "et voilĂ " ! 2) X is now working. I'm sure I pressed it all night yesterday on another computer without success. 3) I cannot fully switch to affinity without this function please tell me you are working on it ? You have no idea how powerful this feature is. 4) I understand. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate that.
  21. 1. Shift-F5 is doing nothing. I checked OSX keyboard preferences just in case there would be a conflict... none. I do that on an apple keyboard. 2. Shift + X is working thank you ! you are right its just "X" on PS. 3. See the above post 4. ALT+CTRL+ Clic is doing the trick nice feature BTW. I cannot figure how to push [ and ] directly .. I have to push ALT+SHIFT+ ( or ) to type them.
  22. Thank you for your help guys. I really appreciate. To Coranda : What I m trying to do is blending just a channel to a layer. And you assumed correctly it will be destructive. Here is what I m doing in photoshop and that I was not able to reproduce in affinity photo. Go on a layer Lets duplicate While you are on this duplicate go to "IMAGE/PICTURE" APPLY AN IMAGE/PICTURE Layer : fusionned or just select the layer you want to work with Channel : select the chanel of your choice and then the blending type. I use this tool to better color correct a picture (just play with the blending modes). It works in every color mode. It's has been proven unvaluable over the years to help me color correct / swap color or build very impressive black and white (more steps needed).
  23. Shift+CMD Click was exactly what I was looking for. is their a shortcut to do : " Select the pixel layer from the Layers tab (eg Background), then go to Select - Tonal Range - Select Highlights. This will create a selection of just the highlights." ? I like to very fast change option :)

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