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  1. So I looked at some of the other feature requests, and I feel that I was not quite clear with my request. My request is as follows: I would like some simple form of GIF animation, much like GIMP has. Different layers are saved as different frames, animating from bottom to top, or top to bottom, with a customizable delay. This would be something non-intrusive, maybe some settings for the already existing GIF export option. GIMP: AFFINITY: I am sorry about the horrible color clash on the affinity area, it was rushed.
  2. I have been creating animations using Affinity and GIMP for a while. It is awesome that this is possible, but it is annoying that I have to export every stinking frame to a folder, then open GIMP, open each frame as a layer, make sure that they are in the right order, and then export it. I would love if there was an animation timeline in Affinity. Adobe products have this, as do free software such as Krita. While I do not have the money nor the inclination to move to Adobe, it would be great if you could add this as a feature to future versions. It could also be added to Publisher or Photo. I
  3. just a quick question: What is the point of exporting to GIF if you can't animate it in Affinity?
  4. I am not sure how to either. I am trying to upload my logo but I don't see an option for that anywhere. You can see my logo below, if that helps at all.
  5. Hello. I have been using Affinity Designer for several years now and figured I should get around to buying the other software Serif offers. So I bought Affinity Photo and Publisher. I use Windows 10, and I accidentally bought the mac version of Publisher. I requested a refund. The support said that they had to refund everything, so make sure that I was signed out of my license. I was looking around and Googled it, but I couldn't find anything about my license or how to sign out. Is it possible, or do I have to uninstall Photo and re-install it? If there is no option to sign out, that would mak
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