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  1. +1. Would love the ability to create custom patterns, but some presets might be nice as well ie: stipples and hatching...
  2. Not able to save directly to Google Drive myself - the option doesn't appear in the Save As section of Affinity Designer on iOS. My workaround was to save to Files and then in Files, share the file to GDrive, but that seems clunkier than necessary. Is there a direct integration into Google Drive on iOS? If so, how do you enable that (so that it's as seamless as your integration with iCloud)?
  3. Can we bump the request to have another UI for nudging that is not predicated on owning a keyboard? The beauty of this app is how it feels so native with gestures etc. I’m sure the clever developers can figure out an easy UI (hint - Transform Studio - hint) where some simple cursor key emulation can be comfortably accommodated?
  4. New iPad user here. I have a situation where I am editing some nodes within a compound shape and as I scale them they are snapping to object bounds and key points but I have snapping completely disabled! A screenshot is worth a thousand words so please see below. Oops don’t know how to add an image from iPad. I shall have to try to describe. I have four nodes selected in a compound (boolean add) shape. I have selected the option that puts a bounding box around the selected nodes so that I can scale them together AWAY from their central point (in opposite directions by holding two fingers). But as I drag they immediately snap to the outer bounds of the compound shape, or, when dragging in the opposite direction, they all snap to the central midpoint of the shape. I am looking to drop those points somewhere in-between these two extremes but that’s not working. Let me know if there are any easy ways to record my screen and post it here so others can confirm what I’m experiencing. Thanks in advance!
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