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  1. @walt.farrell The original issue was about performance. I have a file where there are a lots of Svgs but it is almost unusuable (attached file - Design (2)).

    So i switched to use Layers and put them on the assets panel (i experienced less lag and there is the search bar to find layer) but what i liked with Svgs was the updatading feature to all the instances and the size of the Svg file which is light so when i duplicate Svgs i faced less freezing than layers.

    I contacted the Affinity Support and told me that they suspect that the performance issue is related to the numbers of embedded files in one file.

    But i made a test and created another file with more embedded files and the file is usuable (attached file - Performance issue test - More than 45000 Svgs).

    For now i don't know what is the cause of this performance issue



    Design (2).afdesign Performance issue test - More than 45000 Svgs.afdesign

  2. 18 hours ago, NotMyFault said:

    I confirm the same issue. The file Design (2) tested on 3 devices:

    1. M1 Mac: takes some seconds to start, the ok when zooming / panning
    2. iPad Pro 2018 10.5 inch: Slow, lags severely behind to draw screen, rendering issues
    3. Windows 10 PC:
      totally unusable. Designer fully utilizes 1 of 16 cores for several minutes. During that startup time, it is unusable / unresponsive to any input.
      Designer complaints about missing fonts. 
      After waiting that time, Designer is usable (panning / zooming).

     M1 Benchmark:



    Windows Benchmark (GTX1080, 8+8 core Ryzen, 32 GB Ram):




    Thank you for your help.

    So you think the issue is related to Windows? And on Mac you have absolutely no issue ?


  3. On 2/22/2022 at 12:46 PM, mediumcheese said:

    @Hellodesigners Two years later and the performance is still pretty bad for me on windows. I've even upgraded my pc to a 12-core Ryzen CPU and still using my GTX 1070 graphics card. Still disappointed with performance with or without hardware accel.

    Hi mediumcheese

    Did you find what is the cause of your performance issue ?

    I contacted the support and i sent them the recording so i'm waiting


  4. On 2/20/2022 at 11:35 PM, shustovcreates said:

    Hi @Hellodesigners! My issue was solved become better by implementation of hardware acceleration. So in my case, if I want to increase performance, I need to enable it.


    I've read your thread. Video would be helpful to understand it better and in with what kind of project you experience slowdown . 

    I would start from increasing ram limit and enabling hardware acceleration


    Thank you for your reply.

    It is a Ui design project and i use Svgs for every elements. I like to use Svg because they are lighter and i can work on isolation + have all instances updated through affinity designer.

    Here is a video.

     - The zoom is slow down

     - I can click on layers on the layer panel

     - I have to wait some time to be able to use it

    Thank you for your help


  5. Hi,



    What i tried to fix the issue according the suggestions of the members of the forum and the Affinity designer member team. But i'm still facing a slow performance

    - Disabled OpenCL

    - Removed Symbols from the document

    - Closed the Asset panel

    - Reinstalled GPU driver

    - Changed the view quality to Nearest neighbour

    - Updated to the version


    Any working solution?

    Thank you


  6. Hi,

    When i create a slice using the slice selection tool then clicking on create a slice in the layers panel of Export persona, the slice has not the same size of the layer so it create an extra-space which i don't need when i open the svg (the layer format of  exportation).

    How to fix that?

    Thank you

    Below some screenshots to vizualize the problem





  7. Hi,

    Is there a way to make change only in a Svg (Black square svg) which is inside a Svg but without losing properties of the Svg which contrains the Black square svg ? I know that if you duplicate a Svg the changes will be applied to all instances, but is there a trick?

    (I want to work with Svg not symbols)

    Below a picture to better understand

    Thank you


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