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  1. I have also found that working with a colour to transparent gradient does not work at all unless it is balck to transparent. Any other colour to transparent is split into a cmyk colours rather than spot colours
  2. I have now had some (variable) sucess. I am outputting as PDF high quality and have managed to get a gradient of 3 colours to load into separation studio on occasion. I have found it has to be a gradient of 3,if i change it to a 2 colour gradient,it fails to load, if i make it 3 colour with 2 of the nodes the same colour ,it fails to load.
  3. It just seems to be an issue that stops screen printers from moving away from illustrator. i have tried inkscape without luck, as soon as i introduce and gradients it goes haywire. I'd like to know that Affinity are working on it ,surely and if it is fixable at all, otherwise i've wasted my money.
  4. I know this issue has been around for a while but is there a way to output a pdf to separation studio for screen printing while preserving the separate spot colours as you can when exporting from Illustrator. When i try to export from Affinity i aleays get gradients exporting as cmyk and showing incorrect colours. I have attached an image to show what i mean.
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