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  1. Hi, As a web developer I can assure you that it can make a difference. For example you might want to export an svg image and then animate it using JavaScript. You can animate the path to make it look completely different, but you can only animate position and the size of a circle... It would be nice if you could choose if you want an SVG to be optimized or saved as-is.
  2. Well, just this morning I noticed that this doesn't happen on my desktop PC. But it does on my laptop which I was using during the weekend. I'll make a recording of the issue on the laptop this evening.
  3. It's actually not just Ctrl+T for the Character panel. By default there is also Ctrl+Alt+T which toggles the toolbar and Ctrl+Shift+H for Studio (all open panels). Once you Tab away the UI you can bring back just the toolbar or just the panels, and then clicking Tab will only hide/show the element(s) you toggled just befor (There is no default shortcut for Tools, so you can bring back the toolbar and the panels but you need to go to View menu and use your mouse to show the Tools back again). Screen recording attached: First I clicked Tab to hide the UI, then Ctrl+Shift+H to show panels
  4. Yes, I know, noticed that too. But I think it's actually OK while you are clicking on a single layer (the visibility checkbox is smaller and futher away from the document itselt, so it's quiet convenient for me). But even if it's intended behavior it should not work while selecting multiple layers.
  5. Just found another bug while playing around with Designer. When you click on the layer in "Layers" panel it gets selected. When you click on a layer while holding shift down it's visibility is changed. Expected behavior: If you select one layer and click on another one while holding shift it should select all the layers between the two (including the first selected layer and the last clicked one). What happens: The selection works as expected, but the layer clicked with shift turns invisible (visibility switching shouldn't work while selecting multiple layers). I
  6. Hi, I belive there is an issue with touchpad/touchscreen support. Designer version: (just installed the 90-day trial) Windows 10 I'm using a HP Spectre with touchscreen. Both the screen and touchpad are multitouch. Expected behavior: Pinching on both touchpad and touchscreen should zoom-in/out the document. Moving two fingers on the touchscreen should move the document (just like you drag it with a View Tool). Ideally I would see it working the same way on touchpad. What happens: The pinch gesture works correct on the touchscreen (somet
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