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  1. I agree, this is my biggest outstanding irritation with the Affinity Publisher, which I generally otherwise love. This may tie into Mac's way of doing things, but it's not how other program work on a Mac – e.g., inDesign, MS-Word, etc. As others have said, this is non-intuitive and I keep accidentally saving files in the wrong location because of this bizarre and unhelpful behaviour. At worst, it's a waste of time (when I take the time to change the saving/exporting location, every time) and at worst it creates errors and lost files.
  2. Adding my voice to all those saying adding footnotes is needed and would be awesome – and with some flexibility, so that don't only have to go at the foot of the page. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, I already tried changing my username and got a message about it not being allowed before I post 2 things. (Very helpful security there.) Close, but no cigar otherwise. Renaming the file makes it open-able, but it's identical to old version – aside from one spread where the images looks corrupted, screenshots below – and also doesn't incorporate the several hours of changes. It's been fine for me before, but at least for the moment, it looks to me like Publisher's autosave and autorecovery can't be trusted. Thanks, Tim.
  4. Affinity Publisher crashed on me, when I reopened the file all the changes from today were gone, with no option to recover. (I have File Recovery set in Prefrences to every 5 minutes). I'm on a Mac and finder tells me that file was last modified yesterday – the point to which it's returned. I can find the .autosave file (in Users>My Name>Library>Application Support?>Affinity Publisher>autosave), and it was indeed last modified less than 5 minutes before the crash. But I can't open the .autosave file with Publisher or find any way to access it. What gives? The info is clearly there. How do recover the autorecovery file?
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