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  1. Hi Callum That was it! I have to say I hadn't even noticed I had the whole canvas selected. Thanks Rob
  2. Hi When zooming with the ctrl+wheel on an image there are various black boxes that appear in random areas of the image as it is redrawn. If I concentrate on an area I see that it is pixelated until it goes black and then redrawn. It does this reasonably fast but not fast enough for me not to notice. I have tried the steps in the post here and all drivers are up to date but it has not improved at all. I am only on day 2 of using AP so maybe I need to set my expectations. Great software though guys. My performance tab is below. My machine is a XPS 15 7590 with 32gb Any tips to improve the experience? Edit: I have attached a screen recording of what I am experiencing. Thanks Rob Affinity_Photo_2020-03-26_14-03-46.mp4
  3. I second this motion. It will be very useful to crop to a fixed ratio (standard photo sizes) to add border that will keep the image in that ratio.
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