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  1. Same problem here and disappointing indeed. I am left to export to PDF and then maybe use Kindle Create to convert. Calibre doesn't convert flawlessly. What was Affinity thinking, not including support for ePublishing.
  2. Adios. I guess your support should be really nice too. Good to know.
  3. It was a joke. My mistake was not adding a smily after that. Like this :D. It was not meant as an insult so chill! If you say you don't do something, then you don't do it. You don't have to have written the software to justify your opinion.
  4. The "skeptical look" was a joke and it was not even meant for you. If you are unable to comment without getting triggered maybe you should stop commenting? First you incorrectly assumed that I am not willing to throw a few bucks to buy the software. I am willing to buy even InDesign if the software fits my needs. Now, you are getting triggered because I made a comment to someone else. Newsflash for you, I don't care about your opinion either.
  5. It doesn't support ePub or modi file formats. PDF is fixed-format and is not recommended for eBooks.
  6. I was loving Affinity until... no ePub support??? 😮 What are the supported formats for eBook publishing?
  7. Or it was a forced crash/close. I didn't do anything weird. No reason for the prog to crash...
  8. The prog was running on my computer everyday. I closed it once to restart and then opened again without any issues... I do not remember for sure whether that was before the 10-day period was over but it feels like recently. Can't say for sure though. Also not sure why the program crashed or whether it actually crashed or whether it just closed to show me the popup...
  9. That's the thing! I signed up for Affinity on 2nd March. Obviously, I used it more than 10 days and I used it daily to test the product. That is why I created this thread to ask how that was possible. Within an hour after this thread, my program crashed and I am getting a popup to buy.
  10. Maybe you should stop assuming things? I downloaded the trial and I like the software and yes, it may surprise you to hear this, but I want to purchase it. That is why I started this thread in the first place! Because I am not sure why my trial is not over as I certainly used it more than 10 days. I'm just curious how within 1 hour of starting this thread, my trial ended and I got a message to purchase it. THAT is what I have an issue with. Certainly not about "just dropping a few dollars". Duh!
  11. Jeez. My trial just ended. Thanks for tracking my IP and nipping it in the bud. 😡
  12. 😍wow! Thanks! How do I know when that expires? Will there be a watermark on my output?
  13. I installed the Affinity Publisher trial version just to get a look and feel. I like the software. My question is that, I can still export my project to PDF even after my trial period is over. There is no watermark or logo in the exported PDF. I'm confused. How is this possible? Shouldn't Affinity just either stop working or attach a watermark when trial is over?
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