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  1. Hello Serif Staff, Sorry for bringing this up, but I just wanted to say that today I installed the latest 1.9 version of all the affinity apps, and the same error went up (Internal server error on login). Changing the language settings twice, as stated in this post, made it working. Since the 1.9 version is already out, I thought you might want to know that this problem persisted I really love this update, thank you for all your hard work!
  2. I find this issue extremely important for me too. In my work I often needed to edit PDF with embedded fonts, but in the end I had to use other apps (or to completely work around the problem). It would at least be nice to know when this is planned to be implemented, if it's on their radar...
  3. This is now possible in the stable release (I have 1.8.2). When you have multiple objects selected, a button called "Transform Objects Seperately" appears in the context toolbar
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