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  1. When trying to change my Facebook email address, my account was disabled. The say it is too late for them to review this problem. Is there some way I can recover my account?
  2. In the assets panel, I can't find the file to import. This folder is empty.
  3. Need a design that's more appropriate for a small historical museum. New_season_poster.afpub
  4. Here is the updated cover page. Post 1148 Newsletter cover page.pdf
  5. Here is what I made, based on your design. test Newsletter Cover.pdf
  6. Here is my latest PDF. Sample_Newsletter_pcd_2021.pdf
  7. Great ideas, thanks. File attached, for experimenting. "9. That display of the emblem shall be in a dignified manner and each display shall be the entire emblem standing by itself without any attachment or inclusion of or into any other symbol, with the exception of jewelry where room is not available for such independent display. The emblem represents The American Legion, and accordingly, is entitled to all appropriate respect. Session, Chapter No. 426." Current_Newsletter_2021.afpub Legion Name & Emblem Guide.pdf
  8. Here is another revision of my newsletter cover. Suggestions welcome. Cover_page_current_Newsletter_2021.pdf
  9. The white grid is deliberate to add a little spice to the photo. The page design is off-center to allow for booklet binding or 3-hole paper. Cover_page_modified.pdf
  10. Gary, constructive criticism is always welcome & is very helpful, if we want to improve our work. I will make some changes & get back to you. Point 5: The American Legion has strict guidelines on the usage of their logo - it can not overlap. Legion-Publication-Style-Guide.pdf
  11. Danny, thanks for your input. I appreciate it.
  12. Newsletter cover page. Newsletter_cover_Sept_2021.pdf
  13. Creating a filled frame for your background also works fine.
  14. Here is a piece of pi, framed, with black text on a gold background (C0 M17 Y74 K17). It can be used as a picture, centered, to customize your desktop. pi bk txt on gold.tiff
  15. Vielen dank. Here is a sample I made in CorelDraw. Notice the colored background. PCD_background_Logo.tif
  16. Are printable, color backgrounds available for documents?
  17. Though the Publisher Workbook can be helpful, it does not address the nitty-gritty details of technical questions such as we are discussing. The ID User Manual is a thick book & it provides comprehensive coverage of the nuts & bolts of the application.
  18. Thanks. Very interesting. It begs the question: "How can you learn this? Neophytes need a user manual; where is it?
  19. If the text has spaces, they can be found & replaced; otherwise, how do you put a zero-width space between each of the characters, except manually? Once again, this operation is possible in InDesign. Filler text numbers.afpub
  20. There certainly are many workarounds. Too bad they are not more intuitive.
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