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  1. There were 390 ttf files total. Per your suggestion, I separated the fonts that were glyphs, symbols or images and decided not to load them. I loaded the normal text fonts and I don't perceive the slowness or freezing. I noticed even Windows was having issues with displaying the glyph, symbol and images fonts when it tries to enumerate "The quick brown fox". The thing is I don't have problems with these fonts on my 2015 Mac Book Pro with Affinity Designer.
  2. I have noticed that after I installed a font bundle I purchased (http://www.kimberlygeswein.com/), Affinity Designer in Windows started freezing on color selection (dragging the full color spectrum selector) and just creating rectangles and such. The app will slow down or freeze and then draw the rectangles or allow to change the color. I immediately removed all the fonts I installed, and the problem went away. I have a intel i7 10700K with 32GB ram, M.2 1TB SSD main HD and AMD 5700XT GPU.
  3. I am facing the same issue with the new v1.8. It is exporting each character as a curve in PDF. I had to Print and then save as PDF as a workaround. I never had to do that before.
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