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  1. WOW that was great work! Did you use stock brushes that are included with AD or use custom brushes?
  2. Does Designer has same "layer states" function as one in Photo? I see we can create snapshots in all apps but not layer states???? I would think that layer states in Designer would be useful ie logo variations, color combinations, different font fonts previews etc?!?!
  3. Serif wants us to use these sample files to learn how it was made, so we can learn to make our own version of that style of design by being able to view its layer structure etc! They just don't want us to use it for anything else except as educational/tutorial tool, no commercial use.
  4. You can download and open sample file, then go to C:\Users\"YourPCName"\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\1.0\Samples for v1 & v2 files are located in C:\Users\"YourPCName"\AppData\Local\Affinity\2.0\Designer\Samples Now I'm not going to reinstall every old v1 variation just to find 1 sample file that came with it, that is just not practical Hope someone has downloaded them and can share Also, I believe there is option under File->Open Download folder that will take you directly to same sample folder location from above
  5. Where can I download sample files that were included in previous versions of each windows based apps? Is there thread on this forum for all sample files that were ever provided with each app? I have a general idea of design I want to re-create but I need reference file to see how it was done!?!? ie Designer file for vintage-art deco box design for board game maybe??? I need to download sample files provided in previous versions of each app, cause I don't remember where I seen sample design I need to use as inspiration idea and layout technique :((
  6. Too bad I have old Legacy AI files and templates that didn't work/open properly in v1 I was hoping they would work in v2 That is reason alone to keep Adobe Illustrator to open those legacy files. Also, because Affinity Designer 2 still doesn't have Auto-Trace, I am forced to use Vector Magic which exports it in AI and SVG but it doesn't open in Affinity Designer, need to open it in Illustrator than export it as AI with PDF than it opens properly in Affinity Designer :((
  7. Is there Auto-Trace in Designer 2 feature? Animated Gifs export in Photo 2 or Publisher 2? Adobe AI files import & export? I didn't see it anywhere mentioned in new features?!?!?!
  8. Can V2 file be saved or exported with "compatible with older v1" option selected ie similar to the way you would in adobe pdf settings?
  9. Just seen brief review from Jhon Silva all features he shown looked awesome ie mesh/warp tool, knife/scissors, shape builder BUT what I haven't seen yet is there "Auto-Trace" tool anywhere??????? We have been asking for auto trace feature for very long time and I was hoping it would be finally here in v2 ?!?!? It's very import to my workflow in logo and illustration design to import paper sketches and quickly convert them to vector! Right now I have to either use Vector Magic or Adobe Illustrator first and than import it into Affinity Designer :(
  10. When is v2 coming out? Is it finally going to have Auto Trace & Warp functions in Designer?????
  11. Definitely need it for android version, even if its lite version, would love to be able to use it on my Samsung Note 8!
  12. Please add ability to spin/rotate fonts & color swatches like Canva has, to quickly generate multiple versions of each design. It would be very useful when designing batches of printable templates & make bundles of designs like social media posts!
  13. Any chance v1.10 will finally have ability to export simple HTML files ex simple 1 page landing page/website?????
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