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  1. An incremental RAM and CPU drain made my PC hang and I was unable to do anything, no mouse, no process viewer, black screen with no response. I had to hard reset my PC several times during the testing, endangering my work document and my whole system It was a grave mistake making the different versions incompatible : 1.8 should allow saving in 1.7.3 or lower When stuck with a bugged document, it is fatal to projects with large page count and complex elements 1.8.2 beta didn't work
  2. I just lost 16 HOURS converting and painstakingly copy-pasting my COMPLEX 300-page project with over 25 STYLES back to ADOBE INDESIGN. 1.8.0 crashed my entire PC while ADDING a SINGLE PAGE or removing it. ---------------SUPER UNHAPPY WITH 1.8.0 THIS IS DISASTROUS----------------
  3. Hello gentlemen, When will I get an answer? My book is due out shortly and I wish to know whether I should hope for a hotfix soon (within the next couple of days) You still didn't answer my questions : 1) how can I save my 1.8 document into an older version that I could open with 1.7.3? 2) alternatively, how to open a 1.8 document with 1.7.3? 3) Will a massive copy-paste from 1.8 to 1.7.3 work and how could I make it fast? Thank you for your time, please advise quickly !
  4. @Jon P thank you, do you mean that this problem was encountered by other users?
  5. I have sent my work document on the DropBox Jon P sent me. The contents of the document are confidential and copyrighted Thank you for your care and service
  6. @Jon P I am sorry, this is a difficult thing to do because this is a confidential work that will be published in a few months Would my work be protected? Can you answer my questions before we go to this solution?
  7. Hello I am having trouble using the new 1.8 version I have a 300 page book project underway with about 20 linked images and about 20 tables. When I try to add pages from the "pages" tool, it goes into a hang, nothing happens for sometimes 5-7 minutes while the RAM AP needs goes up and down from 2 to 10 Gbites with 85% CPU The RAM sink hole becomes so huge that my PC has be rebooted by hard reset Very, very bad for my files and PC Sometimes it manages to get out of the problem and finally does the job (even adding a couple pages does this), sometimes it needs me to restart my PC or, at best, kill the app in my process manager A friend has exactly the same problem with the trial version 1.8 and my own adpub project (an exact copy of mine) on a more powerful PC than mine Please help ! Alternatively, I am considering rolling back to 1.7.3. Can you tell me how I could open 1.8 documents with the 1.7.3 stable version of Publisher? OR save the current document under a previous version so that the 1.7.3 can open it? I need your advice as soon as possible. Thank you very much
  8. Hello, I am having serious problems with Publisher 1.8 too. It keeps hanging when I try to add new pages and I am forced to restart the computer I am willing to reinstall 1.7.3 and have a question : My work document, a 300 page book, is in 1.8 afpub format How do I open 1.8 files with the 1.7.3 Publisher? There doesn't seem to be an option to "save as" with an older format in 1.8 I'd be thankful for an answer
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