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  1. Thanks again for replying Danny.
  2. Thanks for replying Danny, I will wait and see if Serif can solve the problem.
  3. How can I speed up the Develop function. As I mentioned in my previous link it is taking 35 sec to import and Develop a file from my Z6. Does anybody know? Thanks
  4. On my Mac with Sierra, 8GB, 3.2 GHz it takes 36 secs to Develop an image from my Z6...is this normal?
  5. Thanks for the link carl. Has Trump solved the Brexit problem for England yet? LOL
  6. I've watched the movies but I would like a print out of the updates. Where can I find it?
  7. The good news is that NX2 will work allowing me to use their u-points for "dodging and burning" areas of the image. Thanks again for replying with you comments
  8. I couldn't find anywhere on NX-D where to make your recommended changes.
  9. Thanks for replying, tried that but it didn't work.
  10. Sorry I attached the same screen shot twice. This shot is from the Affinity image
  11. On my Mac desktop. The left screenshot does not show NX-D from the affinity image but the right hand screenshot shows NX-D from a Photoshop or other software image.
  12. I photo merged images in Affinity..what a brilliant feature, saved the combined image on Desktop and tried to open it with NX-D but NX-D didn't show up in the "open with" drop down menu. How can I get Affinity to recognize NX-D
  13. I am on day 2 of my trial period of Affinity and I am liking it but I have a few questions that I need help with from the wonderful people on this forum. Is there a PDF of A.P.Help that can be downloaded for printing? In Develop Persona where is the Enhance adjustment ?