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  1. Lets assume I want to stack three images and I open them up in Affinity and Develop them. The image numbers of all three are under the top tool bar. I then go to file, New focus merge and a panel appears for me to add the images. I was hoping that I could drag or move the images to this panel without having to go to desktop and then add them.
  2. Is this the only way to do it? Open up the images, process etc and then save all to desktop. Click on file, New Focus Merge and then select the images from desktop.
  3. This is a reply I received from Affinity..it works.
  4. Thanks everyone for replying. I made a boo-boo!!! After editing an image I hit "Save as" instead of "Export". With the Export image all my other programs work. Atlrob, I have sent an email to Affinity asking how to remove 1.8.1 and if a get a reply as to how to it I will forward the info to you. Best regards everyone.
  5. I installed 1.8.1 and some of my programs are not compatible with it so I need to go back to 1.7.3. Can someone tell me how to do it? Thanks
  6. Hi Sackadelic I hope you don't mind me joining in on you thread but I am finding Affinity extremely slow when opening up 14 bit raw files from my Z6 on my 27" Mac with Sierra. stokerg you advised Sackadelic to check Affinity preferences, I also did that and I found a lot of boxes that need ticking on or off and I haven't the faintest clue what they mean. I have attached a screen shot of my preference settings and I would like you to look at them and tell me I need to change anything. Best regards to to you both.
  7. Thanks for replying Lee. My Mac is Sierra 10.12.6, Affinity is 1.7.2 and I am using Photomechanic 5 to import into Affinity. I have clicked to SerifLABS. After I have worked on an image in Develop Persona I then hit the Photo Persona button and it took about 25secs to develop. Is this time normal?
  8. Lee, have you had time to look at my preference settings. Should I be using High Sierra instead of Sierra?
  9. Thanks for replying both of you. Lee I have attached a screen shot of my performance panel and as you can see Metal is disabled. Is there anything else you can suggest I change on this panel? I am using Mac OS Sierra version 10.12.6
  10. It takes about 35 secs on my Mac to develop an image and it is putting me off using Affinity. Is there anyone having the same slow problem as me? Has someone been able to speed up the developing time?
  11. Thanks for replying Danny, I will wait and see if Serif can solve the problem.
  12. How can I speed up the Develop function. As I mentioned in my previous link it is taking 35 sec to import and Develop a file from my Z6. Does anybody know? Thanks
  13. On my Mac with Sierra, 8GB, 3.2 GHz it takes 36 secs to Develop an image from my Z6...is this normal?
  14. Thanks for the link carl. Has Trump solved the Brexit problem for England yet? LOL
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