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  1. Hey everyone - One of the features that I always wanted (but never could seem to find) is average character count of sentence length - you know to get into the 65-68 sweet spots. That is the ask. Below are stream of consciousness meanderings that might be useful but probably not 😝 This might be achievable within a particular frame text tool instance - I am not interested in a whole document analysis for this specific feature because that might be useless. Could maybe be a simple read-only analysis in the typography dialog box. I hesitate to add a set value to this because there are so many other considerations that affect this dimension — a simple "set sentence length count" key value pair would probably be abused. So, for this to work, maybe it is the container that is in focus - or, maybe even, the current selected text ... but the former would be better ... If I were to go type nazi -> I would say a line count abbreviation hanging in the left or right gutter maybe like 13/64 = line#/sentenceCount# Just want to add that Designer and Publisher has resolved all the years of needed therapy from QuarkXpress and lesser tools. InDesign was amazing when it came out ... but Publisher - what a great job! thanks so much!
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