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  1. Okay, I'll summarize the problem. There's a function in the program that works, but for some reason it's not refined in detail. And because of these supposedly trifles, there is a huge problem that I have to solve although this obvious defect must be solved by developers. It's like treating a fracture with sticks and bandages.
  2. Yes, I know about this method and I use it as the most accurate one, but it has a number of drawbacks: in this method, the picture is physically inverted, it's not reset the orientation of the canvas, it's an inverted picture. If you need to add an additional image to the document, it will be upside down and you need to rotate it. As a result, we have an upside down picture and in the gallery it will also be displayed as an upside down picture. There are other shortcomings that make no sense to list.
  3. I didn't create the theme because I couldn't figure out how to get out of it (draw rails or lines or something), but because all of these methods aren't effective if you have to do more complicated things and drawings where accuracy is important. I thought that maybe I didn't know where to enable the function that I needed, but it just doesn't seem to be there, there is no such function.
  4. The grid is visible when drawing, but the guiding symmetries disappear (or rather they are, but they are not visible).
  5. I understand that you can draw a guide line and navigate along it, but it's not convenient and the most important thing is that you can't exactly set the angle on it, it will be about, but not exactly. And accuracy is important. For example, if I use a drawn guide line and set a symmetry guide on it, I'll still have to re-align it, because when I close the document, everything is reset to default.
  6. That's right, the guides disappear when you draw, you can't see them and they don't work.
  7. Hey, developers. There is a suggestion to improve one function in the program. I think that many others who draw on iPad and use the symmetry function lack accurate positioning on canvas. The symmetry guides have no anchorage and there is no way to change the angle accurately or go back to the previous position. Please add either the snap or the possibility to position the symmetry guides by numerical values. Thank you very much.
  8. Shall I move the post there or create a new one?
  9. The meaning of this question is that there is a lack of elementary functionality for this tool. It is necessary to bind to a position or at least to show the numerical position when moving the symmetry guides.
  10. I understood the idea, but since the lines do not bind (do not cling), then the center will be broken (it will not be possible to draw exactly).
  11. there's no way, the lines aren't separated.
  12. Explain exactly how to turn the symmetry guide. For example, I create a new document, turn on the symmetry and by default the symmetry guide is always horizontal. How do I turn it vertically so that it is exactly 90 degrees? If I start to rotate it, trying to roughly find the right angle (i.e. to put it vertically), it will still be rough rather than precise as there is no reference. And most importantly, when the guide is touched, it won't be possible to return it to the same position anymore, because there is no binding (to return to the previous position, you have to close the document and open it again). So how do you turn the symmetry guide so that it is not approximate? RPReplay_Final1587207939.mov
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