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  1. all winter I go out on Thursday morning and take pictures of the ice cliffs in my area. I usually end up with 40 or more images. FWIW I have been doing this for 20 years. I open all of the images in PS, go through them one by one, tweak and crop each image if necessary and add a logo with the date. (I won't into the lack of a crop-to-selection feature or the fact that macros can't deal with text here... [sigh] ) that said, once the edit process is complete, I run a batch process that basically runs an action on all open files to do a save-as for each image into a particular location and then closes each file without saving the original image. IS THIS POSSIBLE?
  2. So text doesn't work in Macros? this is a standard feature in PS that I use all the time. is there some reason this isn't implemented?
  3. every week throughout the winter I take and then process about 100 pictures of the ice cliffs in my area. one of the things I do is to select the area I want to focus on and crop appropriately. I have been using PS to do this for years. I'd like to make the switch to Affinity, but this lack of a Crop To Selection functionality is a real workflow deal-breaker. Get on it folks...
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