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  1. Ignore this, sorry, i just hadn't realised the blooming artwork was sub pixel. Sorry.
  2. I'm trying to slice an image up and have the snapping manager on and set to snap to guides only, everything else is unticked. But, it just wont snap to guides, it is like the i have ticked a setting that says "do anything other than snap to a guide, literally, anything". It's driving me absolutely nuts and have no idea how to fix :(
  3. Ahh! That is good to know! I Agree with Nichod though, it would be great if mutliple selections of fonts brought up the font tools in the contextual toolbar.
  4. Ah ok, i'll try disconnecting the monitor before affinity. Glad to hear it's a known bug though! Cheers!
  5. Hey Guys, I mentioned this on the questions thread here before - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1740-colour-chooser-loupe-seems-to-be-well-off-not-sure-if-a-bug/ but this is a real issue for me now. The color picker just doesn't work for me. I have a 27" monitor and a 15" laptop side by side and no matter which screen i have affinity on, the color picker when i drag it over to my image is actually looking at something about 6 inches below where the loupe actually is. Please help!!
  6. Sorry to compare products, but, in fireworks, you can measure the distance between guides by, whilst the "move tool" selected put it between guides ands press "shift". Is there anything similar in Affinity? If not, how are people measuring the distance between guides?
  7. Hey MattP, yes, i do indeed have multiple monitors. Also, the monitors are different sizes. I have a 15" MBP alongside a 27" Monitor. I hope that helps you debug! Cheers!!
  8. If i select the color chooser and drag the loupe around, it doesn't show the area i'm hovering over, it shows an area about 6 inches below where i'm holding the loupe over. Is it a bug or am i using it wrong somehow?!
  9. Say i've got a screenshot of something and i want to cut an element out of that screenshot. Normally i'd select the object, select the rectangular marquee tool, drag round what i want to cut out and then do CMD + X to cut out the selection. But, doing this now, it just deletes the entire object. What on earth am i doing wrong? Anyone? Cheers! :)
  10. Ah! I hadn't realised there was a advanced panel for those! Thanks (again!) MEB!! :)
  11. The "Line" panel (even though i have set the document setup to be px) shows line width as a pt measurement. It would seem that if i put 5px in there, it does try to convert that to px, but, it's not correct from what i can see? Thanks!
  12. So, say i want to create a shape 980px in width and then i want to have a border of 5px. I set the "Line" to that width and give it the cap and join settings i want. But, that has now made my shape 10px higher and longer. How can i tell it to draw the "line" inside the shape rather than outside? Also, when a object like this is selectable, there is a very very thin purple line going through the line, which then goes if i select any other tool than the pointer. How can i turn that off? Thanks!
  13. Ah ok, i hadn't seen that! That will do tbh :0 Thank you!! :)
  14. Say i have a canvas 1000px wide and then i chop down the image in it to 500px. How can i then reduce the canvas size down to 500px? Any ideas? Thanks! :)
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