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  1. But are these vector brushes or is it pixel based? But at the end, it is not possible like in illustrator to understand it right? Just because i want to create my own brushes... But as i understand it just needs more time if they add a feature like that?
  2. Without rasterisation yes. Its so super simple in Illustrator. (Just drag the 5 lines to the brush panel) But no way in Designer
  3. Hey there, i could not find any tutorial or option to create a simple line "picture brush" just like in Illustrator. I want to draw 5 lines and make a brush out of it. Is that possible? Best, Jonas
  4. Hi, i just could not find any answer to how to draw a line snapping in 90/45 degrees on the ipad with affinity designer. Just like you press shift on a computer. With the regular pen tool (Not line tool) Am i just to stupid to find it? Best Jonas
  5. Ok this is very strange. Now I tried a lot of different options. Text over the picture, Without Text etc. (There used to be a Page with pictures and Text in the document on Page 1 before) And exported it several times with the same settings. Removing some stuff from page1 as well. But for me it seems to do a frame around the signature randomly... Sometimes it appeared, sometimes not. Maybe it has to do something with the layers which I added in Photo (Contrast)? I dont get it. Files attached. Now it seem to work fine.. tester5.afpub tester5.pdf
  6. Hi There, im used to have no troubles by having a black and white image, setting the layer blend mode to: Overlay. So the white parts are not visible. And usually if you write a PDF in Indesign it is also not visible, because you can set "reduce transparency". If i write a PDF in Publisher there is a frame in size of the picture around it. Is there any soulution? It should be exported for print. MAC OSX and Publisher latest versions. Best Jonas
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