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  1. Yes I've noticed that too. I mean it may make sense if it were referencing another object then applying the transforms, but that is not the case. To some degree it would be cool if it did use 'symbols' or 'ref' to handle duplicates of a shape as for complex shapes this could reduce file size. . @Thomahawk ...I just was about to test out SVGOMG clean up of transforms and noticed Affinity Designer has a 'Flatten Transforms' tick box in the 'more' section of the SVG export dialog. SVGOMG may still be your friend https://jakearchibald.github.io/svgomg/ does a really good job of cleaning u
  2. I think perhaps if it takes too long to implement all these separate features, why not open an API or allow for plug-ins so some other developers out there could extend it? Yes this will take development time itself, but hopefully then can leverage other developers out there Sure there is some complexity to warp tools, but even if some bits could be release and others later. About to check the beta in the hope something is there.
  3. I too work with rather complex vector diagrams of 2D floorplans that include air condition ducting. I would like to be able to clean up the floorplans of unneccessary details, such as comments or furniture. To do this it is advantageous to have the item imported in as seperate vector objects as opposed to an image map. I used to clean them up in adobe illustrator (ie select items by colour, stroke width, text, etc.) and was hoping to do the same in Affinity Designer.... however the import option has taken 10-15min and still hasn't opened the single page floorplan and doesn't look to
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