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  1. Loukash - I use a similar technique to transfer text on a curve from AI to Ade. However, I also have many years of work with hundreds, perhaps thousands of text on a curve items, so having part or all of the process automated would be a big help.
  2. When I import files from Adobe Illustrator, text on a curve is imported with each character in an individual text box with no connection to the rest of the text. The curve is not imported. This makes editing the text on the curve a nightmare. Please import text on a curve as text on a curve, or at least import the curve so text can be attached and positioned correctly.
  3. I'm trying to resurrect some design files originally created with Illustrator and saved as Adobe PDF. Many use gradient shading or blended shapes. These look fine in any PDF viewing app, but Designer is still not able to render or work with these. Very frustrating. I hope they implement gradient shading and blended shapes soon.
  4. Thanks Thomaso. To be clear, when a Shad immediately follows a Tsek, the line break should be after the Shad, not after the Tsek. In all other cases I can think of, a line break can be after the Tsek. Prior to vs 1.8.4, Publisher did not allow line breaks after a Tsek. v1.8.4 fixed that, but there is this one exception that needs to be implemented. Thanks.
  5. Yay! v1.8.4 fixed line-wrapping after Tsek ... almost. There is one exception that still needs fixing. When Tsek(U+0F0B) is followed immediately by Shad ( either U+0F0D, U+0F14, or U+0F07F ), then the line wraps after the shad, not the tsek. This is a great improvement - thanks, but still needs one more tweak.
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