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  1. I've got found the solution thanks to a tutorial on YouTube made By James Ritson @
  2. thank you James, very useful but the tutorial about managing plug-in is not clear for me
  3. hello just bought Affinity photo and I'd like to install my NIK suite and (DXO if it is possible) / I'm using NIK 2 and DXO LAB 2 when I open preferences I cannot find the right file to add in my Mac. regards, Damish
  4. thank you I will try right away. It does not recall me anything in the Affinity Publisher interface. regards,
  5. Hello, i am writing my documents either in English or in French. How can we switch some paragraphs in France/English Correction? As an example, I am typing text in French and it is set up in English correction mode, how can I change the mode in French correction? it seems basic but I do not think Affinity has the best UX for that. regards,
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