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  1. Having some control over layer ordering would be great. I don't need it often, but when I do I am usually looking to reverse order 20+ layers which is so time consuming to do manually.
  2. No. No it is not. I was never a PS user, so this tip is great for what to keep an eye on for compatibility. That is a pity as this would've made life a lot easier. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. TK Panels is a pretty solid PS plugin for enhancing/simplifying the management of luminosity masks. Current version is V7, however V6 is still very capable and has been offered free for a while now; https://goodlight.us/writing/actionspanelv6/panelv6.html I have tried the installer as well as a manual install into the default plugin folder as well as pointing the plugin search directories directly at it. So far I have not been able to get Affinity Photo to pick it up. Is this plugin something I should be expecting to get working with Affinity? If so, any pointers as to what I can look for as to why it isn't being picked up?
  4. Hi All, My photography almost entirely consists of landscape astrophotography at a hobbyist level, and like so many others am looking for alternatives to Adobe due to the lack of value from their subscription model for occasion usage scenarios. So far I am loving Affinity Photo and have found it to be one of the few affordable popular Photoshop alternatives to have really great layer and masking functionality which is essential for my genre of photography. The controls here I've found superb and so logically laid out the learning curve has been pretty insignificant. Also, the "add new stack" feature is an absolute life saver for blending dozens of photos as I tend to do. Anyway, to the point. One of the crown jewels of Photoshop for landscape astrophotography is the LRTimelapse plugin. The only capability of LRTimelapse I'd truly love (and have not seen in other software) is to have is the ability to apply an incremental crop to all selected layers. Idea being you set the crop on the top layer and the bottom layer, then LRTimelapse will calculate the incremental crop required on all layers in the selected stack to transition from the first layer to the last. This can be used to produce stunning vortex images that would otherwise require slow zoom motors being hooked up to you zoom lens as you actually take the images. Tutorial of how LRTimelapse does this here; https://youtu.be/_XiIRozt8iU Is there anyway I can do something similar using the layers inside of Affinity Photo?
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