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  1. OK, thank you. I was sent a coloured jpg which I placed as a draft, then opened the jpg in AF Photo to change to black and white. Replacing the jpg with the afphoto changed the default wrap outline, which took me by surprise. Probably, the wrap outline for the afphoto was the whole, uncropped jpg while the cropped part of the jpg was visible.
  2. There appears to be a problem with text wrap when placing an AF Photo image onto a page of text in AF Publisher. The text wrap square setting does not allow text up to the image. The attached file shows an extra border above the image. Placing a jpg of the same image gives the expected result. I am using AF Publisher 1.9.2 Afphototextwrap.afpub
  3. This is an area which I barely understand. The pdf 'for print' preset (which gives the error) has the colour space 'As document' and the ICC profile 'use document profile'. The pdf 'digital - high quality' preset (which does not give an error) has the colour space 'RGB' and the ICC profile 'sRGB...'. But I think that I tried setting both those properties in the pdf for print settings, and still got the error.
  4. Thank you for your suggestions. I have narrowed the problem down to a single jpg, which I can export as a pdf with preset (digital- high quality) but not with preset (for print). I have compared the options for the two pdf export presets, and I cannot find one which makes the difference. For what it's worth, I think this problem only arose when I installed the latest version of Affinity Publisher ( The workaround is obvious, but I would be interested to know if anyone else has seen this problem.
  5. I have an afpub file which gives an error on exporting as pdf (for print). It is OK on exporting as pdf (digital- high quality). Any suggestions on how I can find out more about the error, and what the problem might be?
  6. When I display the font size pulldown for character properties, the displayed list of sizes starts with the current size, so I have to scroll it to get to a smaller size. It would be better to display at least some values either side of the current size as, for example, the leading override pulldown does.
  7. Very helpful. Would be even better if it were mentioned somewhere. In the Help, the only mention is, under Tools options: Choose whether the middle mouse button will allow scrolling or zooming. 'scrolling' is not the same as View Tool. Also, would it be possible to show the Hand cursor while the middle mouse button is pressed, to make it clear what is going on?
  8. Going back to the progress bar - would be useful and I can't see it on my Microsoft PC.
  9. Apologies if there is already an appropriate thread for this. When placing a pdf file, sometimes the font family and style get combined into the font name, which is then not recognised. For example, Family Calibri Style Bold comes in as Font Calibri,Bold which is then not recognised. I have seen this with pdfs created by both Word and Excel on a PC. Once the problem is recognised, the fix is simple - open the pdf, make the font substitution, save and place the file. But it would be better if this were not needed.
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