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  1. OK, thank you. I was sent a coloured jpg which I placed as a draft, then opened the jpg in AF Photo to change to black and white. Replacing the jpg with the afphoto changed the default wrap outline, which took me by surprise. Probably, the wrap outline for the afphoto was the whole, uncropped jpg while the cropped part of the jpg was visible.
  2. There appears to be a problem with text wrap when placing an AF Photo image onto a page of text in AF Publisher. The text wrap square setting does not allow text up to the image. The attached file shows an extra border above the image. Placing a jpg of the same image gives the expected result. I am using AF Publisher 1.9.2 Afphototextwrap.afpub
  3. I can't think of anything odd about my installation. I did have problems with version 1.9.0 as my main file (carried over from 1.8) included several pdfs which had been edited and came through as passthrough but then crashed on export. But I solved that by removing and replacing the pdfs, and I don't see how that would affect my user preferences.
  4. Renaming the ...Publisher\1.0 directory passes the trivial test, thank you. Publisher version is Windows version is: Edition Windows 10 Home Version 20H2 Installed on ‎09/‎03/‎2021 OS build 19042.867 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0 Windows display language is English (United Kingdom) Publisher preference is English (United Kingdom). Zipped file of 1.0 directory (omitting crash reports) is attached 1.0 no crash reports.zip
  5. Tried that. It still fails on Edit -> Preferences and on typing space.
  6. I do have a deadline to meet, which will be a bit challenging to do without touching the space bar. Should I revert to 1.9.0, and do I need to uninstall 1.9.1 first?
  7. Here you are. Files in that directory are all dated 28/12/2019, except for visibility_options.dat (dated 16/02/2021) and wc,dat (dated today) autocorrect.propcol
  8. Edit -> Preferences fails as well. Dmp file attached. ad08578f-49c4-4cbf-9230-da9b33399020.dmp
  9. Typing 'The ' and 'aaa ' and 'Key ' all fail. Can I turn off auto-correct?
  10. Here are two. 7efe8fd6-ebf4-4b03-9b86-db9d712e11ba.dmp f296e0bb-382f-41ba-bb5e-467a327068ce.dmp
  11. It fails with this much simpler file as well. Seems to be typing space that causes the problem. ONonepage.afpub
  12. I have just installed v 1.9.1. I have a file (attached) which was edited using 1.9.0. If I create a text box and start typing into it, Publisher crashes immediately. Pasting text from (e.g.) a Word file seems OK. ONAdApr21.afpub
  13. Apologies if this has been asked before. If someone sends me a graphics file, such as a jpeg, for placing in a Publisher file, but I need to make some changes in Photo (usually converting to black and white and adjusting the colour balance), is it better to place the afphoto file in Publisher or to re-export ad jpg and place the graphics file? And similarly for a pdf which needs tweaking in Designer? What are the trade-offs?
  14. How do you mean re-link? In the Resource Manager, Update is not available. I can Replace the file with the original, which is then placed as the complete pdf and set to Passthrough. I can set to Interpret, crop and scale as required. If I do that with all the pdfs then I can export the file successfully. Here is one of the pdfs LivingSpace_0119.pdf
  15. Not from vaultdweller, but I've sent you a file. I think the problem is is a pdf file which was placed linked under 1.8 and edited (cropped or scaled). The Layer/resources option shown passthrough checked but both options dimmed so it cannot be changed. I have reloaded all the offending pdfs and set to Interpret, and all is well.
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