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  1. Thanks so much for helping me on this, Walt. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Family health issue. I had tried this before, but I did it again, per your instruction. The problem was not resolved, but the entire index changed fonts and formatting when I made that simple alteration to the indent option. I feel it has something to do with styles, but I'm not certain what I can and cannot change in the styles without adversely affecting my hyperlinking, etc. I'm trying to do this for a PDF ebook before formatting for a hard-copy book. Your information gives me confidence in directing my energies, but I'm still at a loss for specific application, especially with the styles. Any additional help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry to be so obtuse on this matter. But I've never used Publisher until recently, and the lack of detailed documentation has thrown my rookie-brain for a loop.
  2. I have just completed a 44-page, two-columned index for my latest ebook (440 pages). Affinity Publisher is great for this kind of work. I'm a Newbie, though, and need some direction for formatting the overflow to second lines in the index. Which of the multitude of formatting features would allow me to indent the overflow second and third lines of the Index columns? I'm sure there is something simple that I'm missing, but I keep screwing up everything by my experimentation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Eureka!!! Thank you so much, Lagarto. How did I miss that Area-option? I went back, exported to print-ready PDF, changing the All Spreads to All Pages, and voila! You are a life saver. I am so glad to have access to the experienced and intelligent help that this forum provides. Consider my case solved (save for the Add-Masters fiasco). You are quite an asset to the Affinity community.
  4. Thanks for the response. I resolved it (unfortunately) only by resorting to Force Quitting the app after two and a half hours of rotating color ball. I am using version 1.8.2, having upgraded as soon as it was available, and have discovered some clear benefits from the upgrade. However, this problem has me stymied at present. Last night I worked on it into the wee hours, until simply shutting down in frustration. Since there is so much formatting in the file, including dozens of charts and colorized text frames, I determined to copy the straight text to a new single-page-format file, planning to go back and reformat the entire document a piece at a time, copying from the old to the new. I copied the Master pages (chopped down to singles), and opted to paste the straight-line text into the first page of the new document, shift-clicking the hidden-text eye in order to expand the document to the full number of needed pages, with text-flow intact. No problem so far, save for the fact that the new document had all the pages utilizing the single Master page (with the other half missing), leaving every page of the new document formatted to odd-page parameters (e.g., the page numbers on even pages were on the wrong side of the page, and the text was slightly shifted to accommodate the inside marginal directions). So, I decided to utilize (for the first time) the shift-click "Add Master" function, which offers me an opportunity to change Master-Page selection for all the even-numbered pages in a single bound. Immediate shutdown of the app—back to the Finder. I restarted the app, and it nicely restarted both documents, placing me at the moment of failure. Tried again. Same result. So I did a range Master-Page alteration, beginning with about 20 comma-separated page numbers. Worked fine. Tried it again with the next 20. Worked fine. Tried the next 30—the app crashed again. Restarted the app, which faithfully placed me at the moment of destruction. Tried a 20-page range. Bombed out. Restarted the whole Mac, then restarted the app. Tried 20 pages. Bombed. Restarted and tried 2 pages. Bombed out. I just don't know what it happening. I haven't touched it this morning, for fear that it might send me into the throes of frustration as it did last night. I'm rustling up some courage to jump in again, as I am on deadline with this thing. I had earlier attempted to convert the PDF of the entire facing-pages document to Kindle's latest format (through an excellent translator program). The facing pages caused confusion to it, which was why I decided to go single-page. How can I properly export single pages from my original facing-pages document, as you suggested (e.g."no need to change the layout from facing pages to single pages unless there is a design change (e.g. you decide not to use mirrored margins, etc.), since you can export single pages even when having a facing pages layout")? I could really use some help on resolving this issue soon. Thanks.
  5. I’m 387 pages into a book—doing the writing in Word, and importing and formatting in Publisher, a chapter at a time—and I’ve decided to go from facing pages to single page formatting. I went under Document Setup And deselected facing pages, and the rotating color-ball has been going now for 40 minutes. Was I wrong to attempt it? Is there a better way to reformat these 387 pages that were presumptively print-ready, making single page output? Is this just taking a long time, and I should be patient? I’m new to Publisher, and its documentation doesn’t seem to address this issue. Please help. And thanks.
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