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  1. Hi, I came here from Photoshop. I use Affinity Photo as it's replacement for digital painting, cause it's a lot faster, and painting in Photoshop became impossible due to lags recently. However, I am used to Photoshop pressure control and I find it better and more controllable than in Photo. I tried also Krita and had same issue. I attach examples from both programs, where I made few strokes with roughly same pressure. You can notice that in Affinity pen behaves like it is more sensitive, and stroke can quickly become too large. You can see it clearly, and apparently I did just a bit more pressure in las stroke and it is lot bigger and less opaque. In both cases pressure was set to control opacity and size linearly. As much as I like Affinity, this is tiny annoying thing that makes daily work little less productive. Why does it work like that? Is it matter of driver or what? Can it be changed somehow?
  2. Oh, sorry, it was meant for Afffinity Photo. But looks like I can't delete / move topic. --- Hello! First of all, thank you very much for great software. I used Photoshop for years, but lately it became impossible to use for digital painting. I searched long time for something that could replace Photoshop, tried many, but only your software was good enough so I started to use it for digital painting on daily basis, and it is great. Most important, it's fast enough and I hope it will stay this way, cause back in the days Photoshop was best thing on market and they failed it - I hope you won't follow them, I really do. One thing that is missing is some scripting support, cause I use to export hundreds of images for web games, that needs to follow some naming concention, or apply set of filters / transformations few hundred timed and that's when scripting comes in handy. It would be great to have it.
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