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  1. 100% incorrect. No problem, nobody can’t change others' opinions.
  2. I appreciate a lot Afinity suite, I am only a little desppointed…
  3. Can u see the information? It is impossible for Microsoft or Apple to offer a license without Serif permission.
  4. I really don’t understand what you mean by not idenfying the "users who purchased the software”? There are three places: you, Windows and Apple Store. You acorded licenses based on mail and Password. I understand that Apple or Windows doesn’t tell you about your money, where from it comes? Let me be very well understood. I don’t blame the price. I only don’t understand your politics.
  5. It's not about the money (no one blames the price), it's about the fact that any upgrade costs less than the original software.
  6. The problem is not that this software costs, because it is normal to cost. But for those who upgrade, the price is the same as for those who buy for the first time. Many years ago, there was a clear difference between upgrade and new software.
  7. Exactly. I was waiting for a new product, but not that way.
  8. I don't think it's OK to charge the same price for the upgrade as for a new product. I thought once I bought all the programs it would be normal to be charged less for an upgrade.
  9. Hello. I bought the complete suite of Affinity software. Everything is working normally. Me, I'm still learning. But I'm a little tired of following the video tutorials. Couldn't you sent to every client a simple pdf, vithout graphics, colors and funny layout, just for understanding the software? There are a lot of tricks the video tutorials are not explaining. When I have a problem, I want to look precisely to the adequate chapter.
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