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  1. Hi Bruce, thank you for responding. Yes, this would of course work but the problem is that the export has to be single pages due to printing - only the screen viewing to be as spreads. Or is there a way around this?
  2. Thank you so much for your help. I found a way to solve this with the printer who now has an official instructions for this for Publisher and Designer.
  3. I would like to export a PDF where I can adjust the viewing preferences to double page viewing with cover page. Am I missing something but this doesn't not seem to be possible like it is in InDesign etc? Really pity as the only way to do this is by being forced - yet again - to buy an adobe product Acrobat Pro. Or is there a way around this issue? Needs to be single page export but viewing 'magazine style', with page turning animation would be even more amazing. Maybe someone knows a free/cheap app that could do this to the plain PDF exported out of Publisher? All help appreciated!
  4. Hi Ladargo, that you very much for this info. This printer (like many others) specifically request spot colours (metallic foils etc) on separate channels. So I am forced to recreate this all in another program now. What a disaster. And I was so excited about Affinity finally replacing Adobe completely in my studio... At least now I do not waste time trying to figure how to do this now.. Anyone who could forward this request to the developers for the next versions?!!!
  5. Just swopped from InDesign to Publisher and need to urgently send some artwork for printers. Need to add a spot colour channel. How on earth is this possible in Publisher??! I can't even find any channel view? Or am I missing something? Tight deadline and I am MEGA frustrated right now. Any help greatly appreciated! x
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