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  1. OMG, you're amazing. That was it. For anyone else having this issue, here is where that button is located.
  2. Forgive me, but this has gotten even more frustrating than before. The curves from the above example came from Affinity Photo. Realizing that Photo doesn't support text on a path yet, I moved to Designer. I decided to ditch the existing curves, and make new ones, thinking that may solve this issue. Well, it did and it didn't, as each curve seems to work totally different in relation to this feature. As displayed from the video, I end up basically having to type the opposite of what I wanted and move the curve to the place in the graphic where it needs to go, as I can't seem to affect which side of the line the text decides to fall on. https://youtu.be/ZIHmzoWjoyc
  3. I'm running into a lot of difficulty in setting which side of a curve the text on a path feature chooses. I've linked a video, as I feel it's probably easier to demonstrate. https://youtu.be/SluRwNK3bUk I have a curve and I'm trying to type on the inside of it to hug the ellipse above it, but no matter where I seem to click near the curve, the text wants to go on the outside. As you can see I manage to make it work with the pen tool curve above the main piece, but the curve that I want to use isn't performing in the way documented from the help page. Is there something wrong with the path that needs to be addressed, or what am I doing wrong in this instance? Feature request to the developers: A handle allowing people to easily switch the side of the curve the text is on would be helpful. Thanks ahead of time for all the input provided!
  4. Thanks so much. The above two posts helped me a lot and got me where I wanted to be.
  5. I'm working in Affinity Designer and I'm having some trouble with snapping the edges of an artboard to objects, and I'm not sure that artboards are designed for what I need to do. Below, I have a logo and shapes used for x-heights. I can adjust the artboard, but I can't find a way for the artboard to snap to the objects inside of it so that I can have the artboard sized to exactly where I need.. Here are my snapping settings: Am I using artboards wrong, or is there a setting I'm not seeing? Thanks!
  6. I found this to work in a strange way, but it worked regardless. Thanks for that tip!
  7. Forgive me, that slipped my mind to mention. I'm in Affinity Designer.
  8. I just figured out how to change the rotation point of a shape so that I can better rotate a shape to align with another one. One question I have, is that it's very hard to get the points of that shape to perfectly align with another, because I don't get a snap. Concrete example: Here, I'm rotating a triangle so that the top point meets the adjacent point of another. I have to scroll in a lot with outline view displayed to get it as close as I can. Is there a way I can set it so that I get a snap when I rotated the shape near where I want it to be?
  9. I ran into a possible bug or there is some behavior in Affinity Photo that I don't understand. It seems that whenever I use the color picker on a photo that was pasted from a screen shot, that photo's hue will change based on the color sampled. The behavior does not happen with a photo that I open within the software, and no hue change is applied when the primary color in the color palette is changed. The steps I followed: Open a new project. I chose XGA 1024x768. Copy a screen shot of an image. Paste the image into the artboard. Select the color picker tool and then sample a color from the image. Observe that the image will change hue based on the color sampled. Video illustrating the behavior. Software version: OS version: 1903 OS build 18362.836
  10. I'm putting together a booklet that is 4.25" wide and 5.5" tall. Ideally, I would like to arrange two booklet spreads per page so that I would only have to rely on a putting everything on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. I had two methods to lay this out in Affinity Publisher, but I'm running into issues with both. 1) I thought that I could create a single master and then arrange 2 per page in the export. In the print function, I have the ability to create a booklet, which is perfect, but I can't find a way to do a 2-up print. Is that possible with Publisher? 2) When I ran into the problem above, I thought that I could arrange everything how I wanted on a single 8 1/2" x 11" master. The issue here was page numbering. I have multiple booklet pages on a single sheet, and yet, because they are technically on the same page, the page numbers are duplicated. Is there a way to have multiple booklet pages on a master and have the page numbering to work correctly? Thanks
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