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  1. In Separated Mode, with all most of my panels on my secondary screen, I create a new document. The New Document Dialogue Box appears underneath the panels. It's confusing because, in most of the other software, the New Document Dialogue Box is a pop-over window who makes that one can not move the other panels. Here it seems like it's considered as another panel. It took me a while to understand that with the New Document Dialogue Box open I could still move around the other panels and paint on an already open document. It might not be a bug, but I see it as a UI problem: One would expect the Dialogue Box to be floating above everything, as Dialogue Boxes tend to do. Versions Affinity Designer 1.8.2 macOS 10.15.4 Thank you for the great work!
  2. I do not agree. In my workflow I like to switch from vector to pixel and back.It's time consuming and somehow frustrating when you have to constantly export your art to import it again later just to have it vectorised. (+ having to reposition and scale it every time)
  3. I would also find a simple export to ico quite convenient. Mainly because of the fact that I always need to make several tweaks and testing until I have the 16 x 16 icon that fits. Thx!
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