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  1. It worked! I made tiny rectangles which allowed the color to be continuous. Thanks, both of you!
  2. Thank you for your replies, Old Bruce and h_d. You are both correct in that I have used geometry and subtract to punch out the Love and swirl. The picture is of the punch out effect. All fonts produce the same effect. They are beautifully punched out and as h_d said, I think I need to break the letters to make the red background stay attached to the rest. I am now trying to use a few rectangles but can't quite get them lined up. I'll keep trying and post a solution. Thank you both! Your replies are much appreciated!!! I'm not sure how to reply to each one of you so I did it for both in this post...I hope that worked. I haven't replied before. I'm quite new to all of this!
  3. I've learned SO MUCH from this site! Thank you!!! I'm trying to cut text out of a shape then cut the result out on a cutting machine such as Circut or Silhouette, etc. For example, I made a heart shape, typed in the word "love" in a cursive font, then when I cut it out the whole word is cut out but the little bits inside of the loops of the "L", "O" and "E" are, of course, not there. Just the outline of "love" is there. This changes the entire look and detracts from what it needs to be. How do I make it so the final result still looks like the original word? I hope it's possible! Thank you!
  4. Thank you Neil M!!! You saved me. I worked on this forever. YAY!!!!!
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