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  1. I’m not sure what you mean. Perhaps if I explain my import workflow it might give a pointer to where I’m going wrong. I attach the SD card and my portable hard drive to the iPad and copy the files from the card to a folder called photos in my iCloud Drive This folder has sub- folders related to the date of the images I then copy those files to my portable hard drive as my originals back up copy Disconnect the hard drive and card I use open from iCloud to load the image I want to edit and let Affinity photo save it after I’ve finished by going back to the load screen. I can still see the unedited RAW files in my photos folder in iCloud Drive but if I reload from that location Affinity photos just loads the edited version This is happening with all my edited images Edit : OK scratch that. I seem to have rectified the problem. I’ve not actually been saving the images, I thought Affinity did that automatically. Once I physically save them I’m able to load the unedited RAWs
  2. Hi thanks for replying. I use the load from iCloud and go to the file that is in the folder on iCloud Drive.
  3. I’ve noticed today when re-loading the original raw file from iCloud it loads a previously edited version instead. The unedited raw file is still there where I’m trying to load from but Affinity won’t do it. I have dated folders in a folder called photos on my iCloud Drive where I keep my Raw files. What am I doing wrong?
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