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  1. Thanks. I get it. So we will remember and disassemble the old ones and re-write our actions)))
  2. Hello. Tell me, for example, I have actions working in Photoshop *.atn Is it possible to somehow import them into the AfPhoto program? Or just an option - re-record step by step repeating the actions in the "old" action? Maybe there is some other way? there are just actions that have been done for a long time .. and contain many operations ... and something has already been forgotten ... and I don’t remember, I think some nuances ...
  3. The question seems to have been resolved. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but so far it works as I need (Fig. 5) Found the settings in the "Assistant" button. Maybe someone will come in handy ..
  4. Hello. - When I create an adjustment layer (almost any), when I click it, it will automatically snap to the layer on which I am currently (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2) I have to constantly disconnect with the mouse ... by dragging the layer up ... (Fig. 3) Question: Tell me, can I somehow configure (in the menu ... or where else ...) that ANY adjustment layer is created - SEPARATELY above the layer that is active ... just above it? That is, disable the binding when creating? I just did not find where in the settings this can be fixed ... ------------------------- If you right-click on the adjustment layer, a context menu appears and there is the item "Dissolve correction" (Fig. 4). He just does what I need ... but they have to be pressed each time (or pulled higher with the mouse) ... which is not convenient ...
  5. Thanks for the detailed and detailed answers. I agree with you that if at first it seems uncomfortable and unusual, then eventually understanding of convenience will probably come ... p.s. Thank you for the links. I think that many are more comfortable if there are manuals and instructions in their native language). This is also a "plus" to the creators of the program, which is sympathetic to users. Thanks to everyone who responded and gave advice. As a newcomer, I am pleased that there is such a friendly and active support from the community. All success, good health and good mood! and I went to learn the editor)))
  6. Oh sure. There are always alternatives))). Simply, time is needed to understand and get used to it ...
  7. I'm talking about the fact that when the photo is already open, and for example I need to make a duplicate of the layer ... in the PS, I just dragged the layer with the mouse on the "+" icon and that’s it ... but here you have to get used to the hot keys through the menu or (Ctrl+J)....))) It’s just that if for years I’ve gotten used to certain buttons ... actions ... then in the new editor their absence or another implementation causes discomfort ... maybe at first ...)))
  8. By the way, in PS, I’m also used to creating a copy of the layer myself before each action. And on it already carry out a certain operation (on each one) and then constantly group them. For example: Group - skin retouching, Group - tinting, Group - Dodge and burn, .. etc. But what is implemented here is not very convenient for me yet ... All the same, it seems to me that editors are more for designers than conceived for photographers. Perhaps I’ll work a little longer and get used to the nuances.)))
  9. Thanks for the clarifications. It will be useful for me to know these features of the editor for the future. How to ungroup layers and how to assemble them into a group is familiar to me. For all the time I worked in editors, I never accustomed myself to using the "hot keys", alas ... In the same PS, for example, it was easier for me to drag a layer onto the icon with a “+” than to press Ctrl + J. I also used to create new layers myself if necessary, either through the menu or to the same button with “+” ... It's just that everyone gets used to some kind of operations and actions, and then, if the interface is different in another program, then you experience inconvenience. I understand that automatic layer creation is sometimes useful, but I think more for those who are engaged in design and layout ... I’m exclusively processing photos (without texts ... without collages ... etc.) Therefore, the lack of this button in the interface was embarrassing ... because. She is constantly in demand with me. Of course I’ll try to adapt to the new interface and chips, but so far with difficulty ...)))
  10. When you open the Help file (F1), when you click on the "Keyboard shortcuts" item at the bottom of the list, such a warning pops up (see screen) constantly. But it works ... if you press any yes / no button and even if you just close it with a cross ... The file itself is located along this path ... during installation, there were no errors ... the program itself works ...
  11. Thanks. It is a pity that there is no icon, I will get used to using hot keys or through the menu ...))) the instruction looked from the file: affinity-quick-start-guide-171020191359.pdf (I can upload it here or into the cloud, for example, if necessary) - it seems to be according to the Photo p.s. I decided to show here))) (there on page 15 this picture) affinity-quick-start-guide-171020191359.pdf
  12. Hello. Thanks to the help of forum users and support, I got a trial version and am now exploring the possibilities. Found the following: - I don’t have the "Add Layer" button in the interface, but it is in the instructions. Tell me how to display it? maybe where does it turn on? I have not found... In PS, you can drag the layer onto this icon and it is duplicated, and here I have to go through the menu ... which is not very convenient ... I know the combination of Ctrl + J ... but I'm used to it with the mouse ...)))
  13. Thanks! Everything came to a new mail (Gmail) at once! The installation went without problems, already trying.
  14. Thanks. I made a request from mail.ru ... I constantly check spam and others folders))), nothing came there either, alas .. I have a GMail account. Do you think it's better to send an application from him? Should I resend the request?
  15. Hello and all health! I made a request for a trial version, they wrote that the link would come to the mail ... Only, unfortunately, there is no and no ... I asked in technical support, they advised me to contact the forum (?) And a message arrived as in the topic title ... although I thought they would give a link to the trial version ... That's why I am writing here. Tell me, please, was there a name, surname and mail in the application - is that all? or am I missing something else? Thanks if anyone clarifies the situation.
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