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  1. By the way, the program does not freeze. It is the active process of deletion and text reflowing which blocks the system. I cannot work with publisher during this time.
  2. The freezing takes place when deleting or inserting any single or multiple pages. Deleting the masters only does not cause a freeze.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply to my post. Yes, sorry, of course I did mean publisher. Deleting and inserting pages can take up to 15 minutes! I appreciate that text reflow can take a little time, but it is completely unacceptable and makes normal work impossible. The good new is: it does eventually complete. During the deletion process the CPU is running at 80% thus prohibiting work with other programs in the meantime. This was not the case with the last version.
  4. Following installation today of the new designer release 1.8.0, the software freezes when I try to delete pages - either 1 or more pages. The file is attached. I need to delete the superfluous pages following the TOC, before the content. Does the version include a footnote solution? I put together fairly long (180-200 pages) documents for educational purposes and footnotes are a real must. Given the early stage of the product I find it fantastic and have moved from InDesign although the missing footnotes make it a real challenge. 45_-_FW_-_Außenwirtschaft-_2020-02-26_Ver-3.afpub
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