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  1. Hey Guys, i get crashes (no response), when i try to drag/drop a symbol from the Designer Persona to a Publisher Document. Version Cheers
  2. Hey Guys, im trying to make a selection from colors in a camouflage pattern. It works fine with the first color i select. When selecting a new color it always gives me the previous color selection. Also it won't fill selections on a new layer. Basic operations, that give me headaches. It wont show selection outlines when trying to refine... Then some shortcuts work like in photoshop (ctrl+d) others don't (alt+backspace) for Layer pixel fill. i'm trying to avoid photoshop, but this is just annoying.
  3. Thank u guys... should rename the thread to - proved me wrong... useful! your tips saved my weekend
  4. ok, cool. will also check if that works for me. thank you
  5. Can anyone tell me how to use a symbol from Designer in Publisher? Just found out. nebermint, but thank u all. maybe i'll stay with Affinity It's just sad, that Publisher always chrashes while using symbols... Cheers
  6. thank you for the help. but imagine you hav a checkbox and that appears not always in the same position
  7. ok, that works for the images... thanks! so... basically... use another software will try that out... it's a 55€ try. hope that works
  8. Just bought Publisher. Spent two hours finding out how to make Object Styles. And i mean placing 100 boxes over 20 Pages and then deciding to change Edge Radius, Color, Contour, Text Syle on all Boxes. I can make a Style...but cannot change it? I need object styles like u implemented textstyles. Cannot even select two objects and change a value for both? Don't want to select 100 objects to change edge radii or fill color transparency. Was just not able to find out. Probably not possible. Use the same Asset 5 times in a document and then change em all without selecting em all... could not figure out how. Or what about having the same image over and over again on different pages... how can i replace all instances? couldn't find out. Will probably go back to Indesign.
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