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    Importing icc profiles

    I am having similar problems getting profiles to appear. I have done everything suggested on this thread, yet they still do not appear. Very frustrating.
  2. Lindajcochran

    Color Picker problems

    I am having trouble with the color that I have picked with the color picker remaining the picked color when I switch to the brush tool. No matter what I do the color of the brush tool always switches to the previously used color.
  3. I find that at least half the time that I attempt to use the selective color adjustment that the app crashes. I have a 3d gen. 12.9 inch IPad Pro.
  4. I have found that sometimes when in the develop module the image all of a sudden switches to the photo mode as if I had pressed the develop button, which, to my knowledge I haven’t. Very annoying. Maybe this is also what is happening to you.
  5. I have noticed that things like the clone stamp, the inpainting tool, and the smudge tool just don’t work on multi layered files. I have tried closing the app and reopening it, and that doesn’t solve the problem. Also after I was having this problem on one particular image, I opened another image which had no layers, and these tools worked fine on that image. Is this a known problem on the iPad?
  6. The inpainting tool lags badly and at times doesn’t work. I have an iPad Pro 2018 so this shouldn’t be happening. I have tried closing and reopening the app and the problem persists.

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