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  1. I viewed an Affinity tutorial on youtube that used PNG files. I read that PNG files are very high quality. What say y'all?
  2. New Issue similar problemI am using links. Currently the resource manager reads: status: missing . placement: Linked I did a search on my iMac for the missing link and I found it in a folder within a folder on my desktop. I also have embedded images.Is it okay to use a combination of embedded images and linked images? This is for a book. The majority of images are linked.
  3. I believe I have replaced all of my copy and paste images from Microsoft Word into my Affinity Publisher document. I may have missed deleting a few images in Affinity Publisher that originated from a word document. Is it okay to convert the Affinity Publisher document to PDF and save the original affinity publisher document? Can I log out after saving the Affinity Publisher document and correct them with the the image placement tool and jpg later? Is there a way to check for doc images before I shut down, log out of Affinity, or convert to a PDF?
  4. I'm new. A possible way to get organized: About a 20 images were copied and pasted into Affinity Publisher from a microsoft word program created in 2004. Most are jpegs. I am wondering if I should take screen shots of my Affinity Publisher pages and crop the images as png, put them into a file on my desktop. Will png links work in my book? Should I convert my images into tif files? I have 120 images total. Book is 8x10 with 168 pages. I have about three months into this. I never would have gotten this far with Indesign. I would be grateful for suggestions or criticism. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi there. Love Affinity Publisher. I use a 2018 iMac. I am a retired art restorer writing about my trade. My first book is almost done and that would not have happened with Adobe Indesign. Sometimes it is a little scary when I shut down Affinity publisher and it takes an hour for the program to find my images. All images are not well organized but the vast majority are in one folder on the desktop.
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