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  1. this is really nice....but what exactly. is a "mockup"?.....English is my second language and there are some things that slip my own proficiency in the English vocabulary, being new to it. I thing I can get the meaning, but I am not really sure about its conceptionl

    Thanks a lot for the tutos.

    they are simple and direct. By the way I have seen in one of them a sort of use of a "displacement map" or likely in order to fit a s hap e on a surface and being able to get the particular movement of the underground. Like those ripples of the t-shirt fabric. Would be nice to have a single tutorial about how to this in AP. A slower one,,,more a tutorial than a tip,

    Thanks again for your generous sharing,

  2. Hi friends,

    I have been checking out the wishing list and I guess I have not seen any perspective tool in it. Or so..O may be wrong though,i find that it would really nice to have it.lllto be able to change the perspective of an already done object I even do not need to be it too sophisticated, Not talking about an. Illustrator replication, but something that would let us use changes of positon of any vectorial drawing, I know you know what I mean,


    Thank you so for you help and understanding,


  3. Hi Friends,

    I have felt the freedom for asking for some features to have into an implementation consideration,

    And of all of the. appearing on the road map, I feel that having a mesh fill tool, or fussin tool for gradients, a possibility for creting and having a symbol palette and a true custom rotation and centering anchor points would be just great.


    I am not pressing the developers. Just wish to share my "wishing well" with the reat of the tribe and being at the queue when expecting these up datings to come.


    Thanks a lot for your attention.


  4. i see.....not that I have not looked into that roadmap...and I am not a bit anxious about it. Just curious and with some expectancy.m

    I am going through the roadmap again and have the information that I may have posted in other topic. Sorry for the redundancy. I thank you all of you for your help,and your good will. This is great news, indeed!!!!


  5. Hi friends,

    I am doing a sort of close reviewing in comparative, between thenAI and the AD machines and I have been aware that many of the new AI Cloud that Adobe has done are already in the AD programme.I have seen too, that when viweing tutorials you realize that AI is not so fast as it may, due to the huge capacity of such application. And then....suddenly I have been aware that the fussion tool, or even the mesh tool is something that could be great to have in in AD. Not only because the new artistic and final capacity for gradientt resolution but for many other artistic and designing values,


    I wish to ask wether you think that this sort of qualities are overvalued by the Adobe users, and can really be not indispensable for th creators. And I wish to know if there is some kind of implementation for the future tools of gradients creation in AD.


    Thanks a lot.


  6. wow!!! really interesting and mich needed here!! I wonder how could I place change the isometric grid inclination perspective depending on where the horizon line might be set? I have some templates for that but of course they have fixed dimensions and the would not admit the snapping grid for they would simply act as a customized background. Thanks a lot for your tutorials.


  7. Thanks a lot. It is one of the most loved effects on photo editing that I have known, I have not an special like for it, but it is for me utmost interesting, specially when you choose such a well sharpped characther to apply it to. It reminds me of the "Save Private Ryan"'s film where Spielberg has turned the whole movie into a huge Drqgan effect, Or....so. Though it tends a bit more toward the sepia....mmmmmkind of greenish, rather that greenish, It gives s sort of "manly effect", so far away from the bright and multicolores tchnicolor films. It gives personality and at atmosphere, So it fits with with your "Cocodrile Dundee". your tuto is clear and calm. Love calmed tutorials. The subtitles adding a comprehensible mood to the voice, and being close to the instructions. You give enough time for getting to them and so I have followed with attentin and ease. Thank you for sharing, As you can see...besides that you deserve this praising, my final mean is to encourage you via prime, to do more and more of them....tutorials, and upload them for our devotion and use...je, je, je......

    Your admirer.


  8. The tutorial. is really interesting but I am missing the real thing of it.....I do not know what a luminosity mask is really doing....what a luminosity mask can exactly do in a picture or composite or object ir order to enhance or change its luminosity essence. And though I know what luminosity means and what mask means too I do not see the strict relation of both and the need to get a luminosity in any mask....sorry..may be would need some more information on its basis.

    Thank you so for your tutorial and generous sharing.


  9. wow!!!! can see that when someone is putting under judgement the innovation and possibilities of Affinity tools, there are a lot of answers trying to validate these outstanding performances, that many cannot find either by ignorance of the tools. or by biased expectancies. Well..this is all in th benefit of everyone of the people, me included, that not judging the tool with alacricy or comparison with others (specially the seemingly eternal emperor of them....Adobe suit), are wishing to make a good use of the purchase and be confident in what many of you are generous to share,


    I have found that jakerlund's video is perfectly answering the question of this post. Thank you so much for it. And then, well...need much time to learn from the other entries.....but time is not eatable, not will be gone to anywhere,,,,I will do it!!

    Thanks to everyone of you.


  10. Thanks Jack...I am not really very "brainy" in this of the refinement of selections, so I mostly select my shapes or objects with the pen tool, adding a soft of blurring effect. I cannot find the way, though I have read many tutorials about it, either in Photoshop or in Affinity. I think I am going to work your instructions out and see what happens with them. You are clear and adding much more info than I have been able to find in the tutorials. I hope that they will help gaju as much ans he needs.

    Kind greetings from Bilbao, Spain, to both!!!


  11. Hi Jack...

    Here are some of the tests I did on this.

    Hope you can see it  with clarity.



    I think that on the screen it was more clear. This is done with vector brushes. I think that they can be worked out with a lot of imagination for you can change their shape with the node tool and it is so nice....but the effects, can be applied in both raster and vectorial and this is something that Affinity has evolved with sparkling brains!.

    For exaple the spehre of the middle is not so "tri-dimensional" in textures as the other. I will take a look to the flare lenses file, for it is something that I liked a lot in Illustrator.

    Could you design them from scratch? May be it is not necessary......mmm....



  12. You are wellcome!!! W say th same in Spanish!. Not flowers at all...strictly truth.

    I was wondering....have you tried in applying a bit of 3d effect on the background. I have done it sometimes in some of my brush texture painting and the result is amazing. Is one of the things that I love so much in affinity...myself always a fan of any 3d digital tool. The depth you get with the effect, and its ability to work with the lighting and applying other color ambiance and so on is really an achievement. Most of the people thinnk that this effect is nice on fonts and lines or shapes of many kinds, Texturizing with a sort of releif is fascinating, But I guess co uld be too much for your grat use of the "ice on concrete" The using of such is original.

    I will for aure, follow your tutorials and study the ones you have alredy uploaded.

    Thanks again for the links and generosityl

    Kind regards fron Bilbao, Spain.


  13. Thank you so much for your tutorial. I cannot understand German, but I have followed the course quite well. I am wondering where did your lens flqr brushes from? Is it possible to get them somewhere or are your on doing? And as I did not underwtand the words.....was that background the planet texture of your own creation...may be with some other brushes?

    Thanks again.It is a really beautiful and wonderful tuto.


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