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  1. There is no tutorial showing how to actually use this with a photo library on a Mac? There is a tutorial showing how to open an individual file, but Mac uses a picture library in Mac Photos. How do you open all the pictures you have in that library, in the Affinity Photos app, without doubling the storage space used (by importing the library like Lightroom does, which uses 2x more storage space?)
  2. Sorry for the very basic question. I have a 2018 MacBook Pro with 512k SSD. I have about 30gb of Photos in my Mac Photos library. I want to continue to use Photos as it syncs with iCloud Drive, so my pics are available across devices. I tested Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and found with both that I had to import my Photos library, effectively doubling the space given on my SSD to pictures (30GB for the Photos Library, and 30 GB for the Lightroom import). Is this the same with Affinity? The tutorial only shows how to open a photo as if it was a file, but not if you can open photos that are stored in the Mac default Photo's library. Will I have to import my pictures from Photos library on the Mac to a duplicate library for Affinity, effectively doubling the amount of storage space I have to make for them, as I did with Lightroom? Hope that wasn't too confusing - this is new to me. I was hoping to find a good photo editing program that would not require me to import all my photos into a 2nd library, doubling the storage space needed. Thanks for any info. Pinfold
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