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  1. I have tried this method of course, and I appreciate it. Plus performance mode for battery/power settings as well. Including performance features on the drive('s) stand alone in addition to several other methods. I've done core affinity fixes for some games (gta4/5 for the stuttering glitch rare). But my focus is to force this onto all cores/threads of the cpu at minimum if at all possible. Essentially, if anyone happens to be more IT expert then most, i'm seeking even some out of the box concepts as well. As I can utilize full cpu in games easily or other solutions I apoach. Especially video editing on that method of basic to full apps. But i've never seen affinity genuinely use the full cpu beyond 25% overall, which I think is odd. (to clarify 25% as a total %)
  2. More curious if anyone has any work arounds, concepts, basically anything that'll force an approach pro/con of my own volunteering to test and elaborate of my own interests, so I can truly push my system to truly be utilized when working on my art/photography. Amature or otherwise. If anyone has some suggestions, greatly appreciated.
  3. See Attached. Basically at most on average, 15-25% of the cpu is "usage" for this. Ryzen 3700x (no overclock), water cooling. Doesn't go above 60 celcius. 64gb ddr4 M.2 PCI-E 4.0 - Force MP600 1tb, (spikes to 1.7gigabyte usage in render cache sometimes) However cpu's, except for core 14/15 (15th and 16th core), the rest are minimal at best. Unless I snag an app that helps to force core usage and focus, Affinity photo never truly "maxes out" cpu performance capabilities. I'm literally limited by the application rather then the cpu opportunity. I'm debating upgrading to 128gb ddr4 in feb/march potentially, but even then I'm not expecting much more on the cpu usage specs of requesting the app up to 90-96gb ram usage cap. I'd like to modify or adjust a preference setting to the cpu on affinity photo so it can properly utilize the cpu's to their near max as i've seen with simple programs like "prime 95" etc... Also i'm even trying to render gigapixel or higher panorama's and it still doesn't crunch the pc. Happy to try various idea's and methods, just trying to increase speed and efficiency of the application and solutions. Thanks for review,
  4. Have you tried a Pram Reset? (instructions on apple support pages). Reinstall app? (Curious aside from base error info).
  5. Update: Completed "pano Folder 01" See attached. I did 6 rows across (since they all overlapped carefully). Was able to render each row separately, then render them all 6 final jpg's as a single final. Here is the attached Result. (Successful by the way, no errors, no auto close, no crash, and rendered way faster then all at once attempts....). 59.4Megabytes size as a heads up. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ak8-Km85eyVcgtJXwGUgyx8JXks07A?e=6jITtX I think this one worked out decently. (no photo editing, just a pure photos to pano pieces to full pano). Solid idea John, huge thanks. Personal hopes, is that Affinity Photo is corrected for potential memory leaks or otherwise issues.
  6. So, again re interpreting. (as i'm just reclarfying. Lets say, I have 4 rows (rows being the horizontal portion across) *Edit* Additional note, all rows suggested below, even if I finish 1-25, 25-50, 51-80 or whichever (pardon that my math is hard below). They are still overlapping. And in each row is 80 pictures (exmample, 4x80=320) Row 1 of 80, I do 2x 25 and 1x 20 pic portions. Row 2 I repeat Same for Row 3 and 4. Total "sections" is 4 rows of 3 sections equaling 12 "sub" panorama's. Then after those are all separately put together, individually, then put them as a single mass one after the fact. Does that make sense? Am I correct? Or out to left field? (I'm partially autistic/aspergers, so I wish to clarify purely a bit more, nothing against you, it's how I interpret better to approach and adapt better.) Thanks again, seriously thank you very much.
  7. So in essence, (Regardless that this is more work, but potentially fair/reasonable work). Split my pano's, into sub parts of rows, (as I did take the photos, left to right literal for each). I then flow through them to identify file grouping = row 1, 2, 3, etc. Divide them up and redo them separately in row based approaches. Ultra Ultra wide pano but in parts. Then redo them as a single mega pano after the fact? (Just clarifying). Am I on the same page? (interpretatively) ? Thanks again for the directive support. Hugely appreciated.
  8. Update: Render from last night, to stitch to Ok to make it, nearly fully rendered but crashed again. How can I get a crash report. My memory never went about 24/32gb used. The app itself crashed at the last part, with no error message while I was away from computer for an hour. The app has force exited. I can see the app itself is crashing regardless which pano I do, even small ones fail currently right at the end of it. Any direction greatly appreciated.
  9. Apologies, to answer, re: os changes, no changes just affinity updates is the major so far.
  10. Howdy all, give me a min i'll post some samples here of panorama's i've built. I typically do 25-50% overlap (as i'm never perfect at a steady camera). I'm quite amature, so I do anywhere from 3-4 rows. But the tough parts is getting an end point so I can get a smooth final picture on the edges to crop off nicely (Plus some excess sky box region to allow flex). Sample's (All links are to previously made successful with 100-300 photos in past revisions of updates, took time naturally, a few hours to a day each).\ These are the "HD " google photos edition, ie not full max size/quality, but close enough for samples https://photos.app.goo.gl/iZoDErKnEcq9mJgd7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/Rsi8yXCTReNC767T9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/hqPQyywekhdm3jM28 https://photos.app.goo.gl/DiVjhx3kF5mW7XnD9 You should see an info button on each for reference details that affinity made etc. Does this help? And for Task manager, the memory never peaks maximum, usually a few gigs free. I've seen in Affinity the "memory pressure" go from 50-500%, and the "memory efficiency" from 100-5000+ % (I would have to dig for screenshot pic samples of this weirdness, but i've seen it, and this meter thing on affinity makes no applicable sense). The one i'm working on right now, from the mentioned "pano 1", Exposure says 1/2064s, Aperture F/1.7, iso 50, focal 4.3mm, from my Samsung SM-G955W (S8+) It's still in the final render process since yesterday (stitch preview plus actual render). I expect it to be finished this afternoon while i'm at work, using remote in features to validate progress hopefully.... On 1920x1080, the screen is at 9% view in the project region while it is rendering also, potential size of 16661x6669 right now (before crop/final). Thanks
  11. Sheer curiousity, Have you tried a simple PRAM reset? When booting up the macbook, have you literally watched for the initial apple screen... then hold " command, option, P, R " (Press in that order, but hold everything). The Macbook will reboot/restart. Your clearly obvious clue it worked....LOUD boot start.... It just clears some basic cache issues, errors. Fixes wifi and other issues randomly. It shouldn't fix Infinity photo for mac. But i've seen stranger things. SMC Reset involves the 5 point screwdriver removing base panel, another screwdriver (3 point I think) to remove screw locking in battery. Disconnect battery (just the power). Then hold the power button for 10-15 seconds. (Also make sure your power cord is disconnected as well). These are the most basics of basic Troubleshoot i've always gone to, to solve most basic issues outside the processing exploring challenges. Best of luck. Alternately, Since i'm unfamiliar with i7 model you're on. (ie, year, etc). Is your hard drive a ssd/fusion or hdd? If HDD alone, still physical 2.5" drive. You can clone it to a newer SSD, or just do a backup entirely to an external with the time machine feature... Then swap hdd's and install to mac osx recovery/rebuild (have a bootable usb handy for this if you're able). Install mac osx to ssd, then restore with your time machine. Might take a few hours but the speed difference if on an older hdd, will surprise. (And battery life gained is +30-120mins).
  12. Hello, I am having repeat difficulty rendering panorama's since latest update to Continual repeat crash when rendering panorama's (regardless 50-350photos each) PC Specs: i5, 4670k, 4.1ghz (water cooled, temps under 75 Celcius when 100% cpu) 32gb DDR3 / 1600 (XMP 2400) Raid 0 2x1tb Windows/Program Raid 10 4x4tb (Source folder's) 4tb Spare drive (stand alone) RX590 8gb "fatboy series" AMD Video Card. 3x Benq 24" Displays (1920x1080). Windows 10 Latest updates. All drivers thoroughly up to date. Page file not on Raids, just the spare 4tb. Affinity Photo, i've set for 8, 16, or 24gb's (it uses upwards to 28gb's if I max it of the original ram, before page). Still same issue. Right now I have 4x "pano" source folders, (1,2,3, & 4). All Source files are JPG/ Taken by Samsung S8+ 13mp each I believe. Folder 1: 355 Jpegs, Total 2.19gb Folder 2: 310 Jpegs, Total 1.98gb Folder 3: 276 Jpegs, Total 1.53gb Folder 4: 116 Jpegs, Total 723mb (0.72gb ish) I've tried a catch all at once, toss them all in and see. What is found, then render. I've tried separately to just do folder 4, or 3, etc, smallest first I figured... It can get to the preview part, but when rendering... after a few hours the app fully exits/crashes. I've monitored on Task manager. The drive/memory/cpu and some GPU is used. I'm grasping at straws here. I have done the intel raid check. 0 errors entirely. I've defragged thoroughly. I've trimmed startup apps, scheduled tasks, etc. Literally minimized to maximized performance. I've even set priority of affinity photo to "above normal" I'll happily adjust or customize settings further if any theories help. I recognize panorama's take TIME. I know this thoroughly. I check back every few hours to see progress pro/con. If anyone has suggestions/idea's, hugely appreciated. What else is needed here to proceed/gain support, but proactively in the right direction? - RMLeLoup P.S. Thanks in advance for the thorough read. Edit: Updated version #, Edit 2: How do I get a "crash report" ? If needed, i'll attach, and upload samples if required also. (Have 185/185 fiber/unlim, happy to ts, don't mind)
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