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  1. Hello MEB, Sorry for my VERY LATE reply. I am using a mouse, at the problem is still present on 1.8.3. I a click too quickly or simply moving the mouse, 90% of the time the click is not recevied (I think a drag event is initiated). Thank you, Lorenzo
  2. When click on the recorded macro in the library, most of the times the click is not received and the macro is dragged around. I think this is due to the fact that the sensitivity to "drag event" is too high. Thank you for investigating this annoying issue.
  3. Hello, This macro crashes the app everytime it is executed. Lorenzo remove background.afmacro
  4. Thank you for your reply. I agree that there is no need to see the previews.
  5. Hello, In my workflow I need to apply filters to 2'000+ images. The Batch Job asks me to select the files, and generates thumbnails. This step is extremely slow: the app hangs for minutes and is irresponsive. I think it's because it's generating previews of the images, something that is not really needed. A simple folder select would be more practical and faster (similar to Photoshop batch processing). Lorenzo
  6. Hello, When I import this PDF (generated with InDesign), the embedded images get a square border around them. This happens also on macOS. Thank you, Lorenzo 0_copertina A5.pdf
  7. When I run this macro, the app crashes every time. I have attached also a test image. Thank you! refine crash.afmacro
  8. +1 for this option, I am really missing it from Photoshop
  9. I am actually considering to switch from InDesign+Photoshop to Affinity Publisher+Photo. With InDesign, my workflow heavily depends on XML import. Is there a way to import XML data in a document like in InDesign?
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