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  1. Yes, I have. The problem is that I have xnview with my image library open and I browse and load a lot of files throughout a session and even if I bind a shortcut to the place command I would always have to browse into a folder and choose my file again. It is just very inefficient;(
  2. Mhhh, I just took a look and it seems you simply can't.....Now, that I see you cannot assign a shortcut to macros, the reasons of which I don't really understand, and you can't assign the same key to two functions, it seems we are out of luck. The only way I see now is to create a Macro on the keyboard that would trigger to keys after another. Not very convenient. I have to admit that I was really hoping Affinity could be a PS replacement for me and it makes me a little sad to come across big no no's so fast x_x Unfortunately, not production ready in my case. As long as Adobe hasn't broken the last remaining useful features, I have to stay there ;_;
  3. Thanks for explaining it. The type of work I do requires me to drag and drop files into my document a houndred times per shot, adjusting stuff, painting, cutting, moving, mixing. Adding an additional piece of software for the placement of all CG layers is not the right direction. I was just shortly contemplating if having the publisher file as the master and then treat everything as smart objects somehow could work for me but I don't think I could work like this in a manner that is as efficient as it's required of me. Your solution to copy paste from my image library is the best approach for me when centering is required.
  4. Haha, well if life would only be so easy ;P On a serious note, though, it's actually an interesting idea. It basically works as smart objects as I understand? Unfortunately, in the end it would slow me down way more than it would help That's a cool little workaround. I will stick to the macro workflow, as I like to keep snapping off when I am working^^ Very good to know this trick, though! Well, now we are talking! That is actually the best one yet.
  5. Hi @MEB, thanks for welcoming me! v_kyr is correct that I was looking for an automated centering when dropping an image. The snapping option was my starting point from where I looked for faster alternatives;) Cheers, Dziga
  6. Haha, thank you for going through the effort as well! I agree, the automatic resize indeed would be awesome if that's possible to do. That is unfortunate. Maybe this will come in the future.
  7. Thanks @PÅ¡enda, unfortunately, as far as I can tell, that is basically as much extra work as snapping the layer to the canvas. You drop an image, then you have to select the pixel layer, click the alignment tool, then click both horizontal and vertical alignment buttons. Or am I missing something there?^^ EDIT: @Dan C I assumed it'll go the macro path ^.^ Thank you for the video! I guess I ll have to live with this for now ;D Crazy question: Is there actually a way to setup up a custom script to run whenever an image is dropped to the canvas? Some type of event handler? Cheers, Dziga
  8. Thank you so much! Both workflows are exactly what I was looking for and work like a charm:) Take care, Dziga
  9. Hello again, can someone please tell me if it is possible to premultiply incoming EXRs with alpha channel? Currently, when I open an EXR the alpha channel is on a separate pixel layer as a black and white mask instead of premultiplying RGB by it or loading the alpha channel into the actual alpha channel under channels...channel channel....channel channel. This requires me to use the Flood Select Tool to get the mask from the alpha layer...^^ not very clean. The EXRs come from Redshift and act normal in PS and Nuke. Affinity Photo 1.7.3 on Win 7 Take care, Dziga
  10. Hey there, today, I set out to do a piece of environment art in Affinity Photo to see if it can hold up against PS. Unfortunately, it showed right away that a lot of my repetitive tasks require quite a few extra steps compared to my usual workflow. I have multiple renderings in the same resolution and want to drop them into one file but Affinity does not center dropped images so I have to drop, move and snap every image to the canvas. Since there are no smart objects in Affinity, I understand that the list of possible drag & drop features is rather short but an automatic centering option would be a big help. Thank you in advance! Sorry for typos, it's getting very late and my eyes are closing ^.^ TLDR: Is there a way to have dropped images (e.g. from the explorer) center automatically? Affinity Photo 1.7.3 on Win 7 Take care, Dziga
  11. Hi mberger! Just out of curiosity...what happens when you use "Copy flattened" and paste afterwards? Is this also changing the appearance of your image? Cheers, Dziga
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