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  1. I would verify that the colors are not taking into account the extra decimal places. I know that other parts of the UI do take them into account but the display is different. For example, in the Grid and Snapping Axis options, if I set the angle to be 144.6888 it will round to 144.7. If I inter in my cursor it changes to show 145. If I then enter 144.7 I see things change, and it was indeed taking into account the extra decimals. Now, to what rounding precision I don't know.
  2. Ah...the double-clicking. Ok..and MS Word is behaving similarly weird with double clicking.
  3. Yes, it's happening for me still. Why would that be? Should I reset the program somehow? How are you viewing the invisible characters? Thanks.
  4. If I copy text with a space to the right of the text, it will add a space at the end of the pasted text. If I copy text with no space on the right but a space on the left, it will add a space on the left of the pasted text. Text copied with no spaces on either side will paste in with no additional spaces - expected result. See attached video. texttest.mp4
  5. https://youtu.be/_q2xyPGAtiI?t=96 Bookmark sublists under many conditions export out of order. I created a list of examples of where things work and where they don’t. These are PDF files. Here is a code a came up with as I found more and more variations affecting behavior. All PDF files were made from new documents in Publisher. I never reused or deleted info on a single document. On a Mac, green = tag “Yes” where export is ok. Orange = tag “No” where export is out of order. Cl = Changing Letter Cn = Changing Number L1 = one letter L2 = two letters + = separate groups groups of letters or numbers A> = all lowercase RL = random letters For example: L4 A> + Cn = Four letters in lower case, space, changing number like camp 1 The PDFs show the order of of text and bookmarks in the file. The bookmarks show how the bookmarks exported. Some observations: A letter, space, and number export fine. A letter next to a number does not or A # exports fine A# does not. A# does not export but put a word in all caps before and “WORD A#” exports. However a three letter word beginning with a capital letter does not… “Word A#” does not export. However an eight letter word beginning with a capital letter does export… “Bookmark A#” exports without error…..Oh boy, just discovered “Wordword A#” AB# exports but ab# does not. So capital letters definitely change things. You may find it helpful to search documents ending in examples with a letter and changing number. For example search the folder for “L1-Cn”. Beta Samples.zip
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