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  1. I have a b&w image which has hundreds of airborne 'white' sparks & I want to be able to change their colour. It's nigh on an impossible task to select them all, so I am wondering if there is a way I can colour-pick the tone of one of them & then universally fill all the instances in the image that are the same tone. If this is possible, is it also possible to set a tonal range to which a colour can be universally applied? Thanks
  2. Thanks PÅ¡enda, working with one hand holding down the spacebar continually isn't really practical. I have discovered though, that if I select the hand icon then all the lines are removed, even from around the element selected in the layers list. This seems to be the best option I have found so far.
  3. I'm new to publisher & finding the blue line boxes around each element on my document very distracting to the creative process of visualising my project as I work. Is it possible to hide them all except for the one which is currenty selected in the layers list? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your response Dan, but I have since abandoned the image & deleted the work. If I find the same situation again I'll drop a message here.
  5. Good idea, thanks. Here is the link: https://we.tl/t-QM2m3rxgS0
  6. Sorry I can't. I get the error "Contact Us For Assistance" when attempting to upload an image, jpg under 1mb.
  7. I have begun project using a new 12" print square of alpha. Next I placed a png of a geometric line shape vector. I then selected, & deleted a segment of the geometric shape. I have then dragged over a gradation to apply over the deleted area (onto a new layer), but when I do this various pixel artefacts are revealed underneath gradation coverage which have failed to delete, even though they are well within the boundary of the selected area. Why is this?
  8. Thanks Walt. I created an A2 doc, placed & expanded the main image to the doc size, then placed the card, which didn't need to be reduced so much. So now it is not pixelated within the A2 format. But when I merge the two layers & then zoom in to the merged image to say an A5 flyer size, the card is so pixelated it's not possible to tell what it is. However, if I export the merged image, then place it on a new A5 doc & reduce to fit selecting the move icon tool, it looks okay. So there's a two things happening here of which I am unsure of the mechanics. Well, at least I have learned how to achieve my goal. Again Walt, many thanks for your time. Have a lovely weekend.
  9. How can I measure the space on the main image that it needs to fit onto? I would need to know what size to reduce it to. The finished image will be for online promotional purposes & for print; possibly at flyer & poster size, but definitely at cd size. The image can't be pixelated, for example at A2 size.
  10. I just used the blue resizing frame with the 'move' icon selected, without changing any settings.
  11. Here is the result, exported as a TIFF. The facing card, 'La Rueda De La Fortuna', which is the 'Placed' image (the one I reduced using the move tool) has become very pixelated. I cannot use it. It is 6% of its original size. CDO_Cards_H_&_V_Master_WOF__1_TIFF.tiff
  12. Okay. Thank you. But how to scale the image I need to place onto the main image without it reducing to kbs in file size?
  13. Here's what occurred. I opened my af project file (4951x3501 pixels) & then 'placed' the second image file (high res tiff 120mb file size, 300dpi) onto it. The second image file however, was imported greatly expanded over the the size of the first image. So I used the resize tool to make it smaller, to the size I want it within the first image (approximately 1/8th the size of the first image, but much much smaller than it was when originally 'placed'). I just checked what size the image would as a TIFF export; 288kb! I have some confusion though. When I select (for the main image) the 'hand' icon tool the figures in the toolbar are: Pan 1425x1007, 1.43MP. Whereas when I select the 'move' icon tool, the figures in the toolbar change to 4951x3501 pixels @1042 dpi.
  14. I need to add a photographic image that is 4884x3235 pixels (high res tiff 120mb file size) onto a photographic image that is 4951x3501 pixels (high res tiff), but I need to scale it down to approx 1/8th its original size. However, when I do this it becomes very pixelated. Why is this & how can I preserve its resolution? Thank you.
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